My first impression: monsters. Big, heavy monsters. In reality they’re not much heavier than my BlackBox M14 ANC headphones that I use for flying, but compared to lightweight in-ear monitors that I normally wear, they’re huge. So, what do you get in this big package?Custom_format_UE9000_BTY1 MED

  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR support
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Optional wired connection with mic and remote
  • Built-in lithium batteries and micro-USB charging
  • Talk-through support when in wireless mode
  • Logitech UE “sound signature”

Basically, the UE9000’s are stacked with every feature you might want from headphones. Run them as premium wired headphones and they sound fantastic. Turn on the built-in amp and they sound even better. Sound reproduction is great, with punchy lows and crystal-clear high notes. But with the NZ$599 price you would expect nothing less.

If you prefer to run without wires, unplug the (extremely well engineered and sturdy) blue cable, and pair them with your Bluetooth device. Again sound seems fine (Bluetooth is never going to be as good as a wired connection), but the cool thing is these headphones also work perfectly as a Bluetooth headset. It’s strange because there’s no nerdy boom mic, but my voice came through loud and clear.

The Active Noise Cancelling is up there with the best – blocking out what little background noise leaks through the comfy ear pads. Given how effective even passive noise protection is on these ‘phones, one cool addition is “Talk-Through”: if you’re using the headphones in wireless mode, you can tap a button on top of the left headphone to reduce the music volume and activate the built-in microphones so you can hear external noises. This way you can chat to people without having to take the headphones off.

Battery life is excellent. I’ve tried to run them flat listening to music for an entire work day on Bluetooth, but was unable to drain the battery. Even if  you could do so, there’s nothing stopping you leaving the micro-USB charge cable attached while you listen.


  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Great wireless performance
  • Talk-through
  • Excellent Logitech / UE build quality


  • Fairly heavy
  • Expensive (but not really compared to other high-end noise cancelling headphones)



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