At Nokia World last night (New Zealand time), Stephen Elop and the Nokia team announced two new phones:

The phones will be available in November in Europe, with a rollout to other markets early next year. The Windows Phone Blog has all the juicy details, with the key numbers being €420 for the Lumia 800 and €270 for the Lumia 710.

Lumia for New Zealand?

Here’s some hard facts that help us speculate about New Zealand availability for these devices:

  • Vodafone Group will approve the 800 and 710 for their network. This normally means no further testing is required for Vodafone New Zealand.
  • The 3G bands on the Lumia 800 are fine for either Vodafone or Telecom.
  • The 3G bands on the Lumia 710 are specific to Vodafone only.
  • The N9 released in Europe at around €550 to €600, which translated to a New Zealand price of $999 off-plan.

What follows is rampant speculation, but based on the above, some history, and the N9, I think we can expect the following:

  • We won’t see these phones on official release in New Zealand until January at the earliest. More likely Feburary. Parallel importers will hopefully have them in December.
  • Vodafone will be first to market with the devices. I doubt Telecom will carry them at all.
  • Pricing will be high. Nokia smartphones have traditionally carried a premium in New Zealand – remember when Nokia priced the E7 at $1399?
  • I’d expect to see the 800 at around the same pricepoint as the N9 ($999) with the 710 priced around the $600-$700 mark.
  • I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see ONLY the 710 in market. Vodafone have not brought in any “premium” Windows Phones, opting to sell only the HTC Trophy. They may do the same with Nokia, but I hope not.

So what do you think?


Here’s why we need Nokia Windows Phone (and their awesome mapping app) in New Zealand so badly:

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  1. The 800 is about 12 months too late for me. Had it been launched at the start of this year, I think I would’ve given it serious consideration when choosing which smartphone I wanted to jump to. I ended up choosing an iPhone 4, after trying very hard (and failing) to find an Android handset that met all my requirements out of the box. If the 800 had been around in Feb, I think that may have just edged out the iPhone.

  2. I currently have an HTC Trophy and love it. Nice display, easy to use, good camera and it all works seamlessly.

    I’m considering trading it for the Lumia 710 if/when it comes out 2012 (Vodafone have indicated they’ll have it out early 2012) simply because it’ll come with Nokia’s excellent GPS software, which will mean full-blooded turn-by-turn navigation without the worry about data costs as the maps are pre-loaded.

    So I’ll be waiting in line for one 🙂

  3. I wonder if we have to wit for them so that they have NZ maps???? I would be happy to bring one in form overseas but if the maps are preloaded, maybe it would have the worng maps? Anyone know for sure?

    1. Hi Tony, I’ve downloaded NZ maps from Nokia store for free for 2 Symbian devices and a Maemo device. You can also download for free pretty much any country (where you would want to travel to) for free. My Nokia devices have pretty much been paid by the savings I’ve made when I no longer ever need to hire a GPS device when I rent a car overseas!

      I don’t see any reason why the map service would be any worse for the Lumia series.

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