Win a 32GB iPad 2 with Vonage TimeToCall

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Hey, it’s time! In association with Vonage and their new TimeToCall app, I’m giving away a 32GB WiFi iPad2 to one lucky reader. There’s a heap more information about the TimeToCall application in my previous post.

The awesome thing about this competition is that if you don’t win my iPad2, you can enter to win at a bunch of other sites too. Heck, even if you do win my one, you can still enter to win more! Whoops! Turns out if you win my one, you’re ineligible for other draws, so don’t be greedy 🙂

On to the detail. There are two ways to enter, and you can do one or both:

  1. Add a comment below, telling us about your most amazing 15 minutes. Fact or fiction, I don’t mind.
  2. Post this short link on Twitter: and include the #TimeToCall hashtag so we can find it.

So, if you do both of these things, that’s two entries into the competition.


  1. Competition closes 11:59pm August 21st 2011.
  2. Competition open to New Zealand and Australia only.
  3. We’ll pay shipping, but any taxes or additional costs are the responsibility of the winner.
  4. One entry of each type (one comment, one tweet) per person – additional entries will void all your entries.
  5. Comment entries must include a valid email address (not displayed to the public).
  6. Winners will be drawn at random.
  7. Winners will be contacted via email or twitter. If no response is recieved in 48 hours from notification, another draw will be made.

[box]This contest is now closed[/box]

96 Replies to “Win a 32GB iPad 2 with Vonage TimeToCall”

  1. The most amazing 15 minutes happened last weekend, on the rupehu mountain, almost 0 visibility, went up the top most lift at 4pm as the last run, started going down the mountain, took a wrong turn (left towards happy valley), got lost and had to be rescued by snow patrol….some would call it scary, some crazy, i would call it amazing!

  2. I think taking my 2yo out into the snow in Lower Hutt, something I’ve never seen in my lifetime, would have been one of the most amzing 15 minutes I’ve had for a long time.

  3. Having my front yard in Lower Hutt blanketed in Snow yesterday. I’ve never seen snow in the Hutt before so this was pretty amazing. The entire street was covered, it was incredible.

  4. Must have been the last xmas when I got to hold a 1 day old baby, freaked me out at first (as i hate kids) but it was nice and made me happy 🙂

  5. I wish I could say it was snow like everyone else, but this is Auckland! However if I HAD seen snow it would’ve been my my most amazing 15 minutes for sure because I’ve only been in snow twice in my life.

    Failing that, there was a pretty amazing 15 minutes at Armageddon last year meeting TWO Doctor Whos and Dr Jackson from Stargate SG-1.

  6. Jumping from an airplane, in Queenstown, in the winter, above the snowy alps.
    Freefall for 1 minute, doing loops with the parachute for the rest.

  7. When I got a wee lesson on twitter and realised within 15mins that I had my new website out to hundreds of people. Felt so updated as I’m not from the generation where it comes ‘naturally- – now I’m aiming to get even more updated with an Ipad2

  8. My most amazing 15 minutes happened in August 22nd 2011 when I received an email from @NZBen telling me I’d won an iPad.

    (What, I’m a slow reader, alright?)

  9. The most amazing 15 minutes of my life is more or less a cliche. The birth of my son. Even though the time leading up to the birth was more like 30-odd hours, things went from natural birth scenario to epidural, preparation for a C-section to forceps delivery to stunned amazement in such a short space of time it all felt like a blur. Those 15 minutes before his birth were such a roller coaster of emotions it was difficult to stand up. I think I’d be lying if I named any other moment as being more amazing even for the sake of a creative competition!

  10. The most amazing 15 minutes of my life was when i first held my newborn sons. it was such a surreal feeling that i have no words to describe it.

  11. well there was 5 minutes in 1998, 3 in 2003, and 2 in 2004 and… only kidding.

    The most incredible thing I have ever witnessd was the birth of a child. Not so much the birth but the incredible pink colour flush that a newborn has, if you’ve never seen it they go pink like a flamingo briefly as their bodies oxygentate and they go from grey to prink and then normalise.

  12. My most amazing 15 minutes… well, technically it hasn’t happened yet, but I was able to jump into my trusty old Delorean to be here to report on it nevertheless.

    This event took place at the Rugby World Cup 2011 final. I’m seated in the Southern Stand, two rows in from the 22 (, watching the All Blacks take on their arch rivals the Wallabies. This in itself is a miracle, as I’m only there thanks to winning the tickets in a Microsoft sponsored competition (didn’t win the corporate box for me and my mates, but I’m not complaining).

    Theres 15 minutes left on the clock, and the score is tied at 22-22. Cory Jane has been having a blinder, and has been responsible for 15 of the All Blacks points, when all of a sudden my iPhone starts vibrating. I pull it out, and note that its none other than Ted himself calling me on the Vonage TimeToCall app!

    “David, its Graham Henry here. Your country needs you! All that excessive tweeting during the year has weakened Cory Jane’s fingers, and pain from the broken finger he sustained recently has flared up again. I’ve already exhausted our bench, and on Cory’s advice I was browsing Twitter in desperation when I noticed you had an All Blacks themed avatar. If I sub you into the game, I’ll make sure the boys take good care of you. Are you up for the challenge?”

    How could I refuse! I wasn’t quite sure how well I’d go, but I figured this is the stuff that epic Hollywood blockbusters are made of.

    After the first tackle, and thanks to the concussion suffered therein, the next 15 minutes are a bit hazy. I have a vague recollection of the full-time whistle sounding, and glancing up at the scoreboard to see “New Zealand 22 – Australia 48”.

    Now, I know the script didn’t exactly go to plan but I’m pretty damn sure that if it wasn’t for my efforts on the field that day, it could’ve turned into a real blowout!

  13. While the snow the other day *was* pretty amazing it was still beat by elephants.
    Earlier this year I bathed elephants in Laos and Thailand. Super amazing.

    Not getting sick from the dirty river water I swallowed was probably the most amazing though.

  14. There have been many amazing moments but a few whch I think have had a profound affect. Back when I was training to be a paramedic. First ever patient was a short transfer between hospitals. Elderly polish gentleman who turned out to be a POW during WW2. Suffice to say as a 18y/o student this had a profound influence on me and the way in which I approached my patients from then on .

  15. This may have taken a little more than 15 minutes all up, but is a worthwhile story so I’ll tell it anyway.

    This was about 13 years ago, while I was a student at Canterbury. I was taking part in the Uni Ski and Snowboard Nationals at Cardrona, just as an official. I’d broken up with my girlfriend of the time 2 days prior to the event, and spent the first night in Queenstown drinking like it. The following morning I was more than a bit the worse for wear as I got onto the team bus.

    Sure enough, just before getting onto the Crown Range I had to call for the bus to pullover, and I got out and ‘purged’ some of by exhortations of the previous night.

    Back on the bus (amid much ribbing from team mates), I was sat at the front of the bus and had the best view, as it skidded, slid and eventually stopped into the gutter at the side of the crown range. In many respects we were glad it crashed there, and not the otherside; a cavernous ravine.

    The driver was adamant though; the bus would need to be towed out. If we were going to make day one, all 45 of us would have to hitch-hike up the mountain.

    So we stuck out our thumbs. Luckily, there was a fair amount of traffic, and some sympathy too when people saw our bus. First ride I got was with a real Central Otago Cowboy. I’ve never been in a car before (or since) that overtook another vehicle while on a cattle grid. Anyways, he was not heading up to Cardrona, so that ride soon came to an end, and we were lucky enough to be picked up one of the organisers of the event. But our adventure was not yet over. Going up the Cardrona access track, the car skidded, slipped, and you guessed it, eventually came to a stop in the bank at the side of the road.

    We managed to get a tow out from a passing range rover, but the driver was so shaken she refused to continue the drive, and demanded that I did. I took the wheel, and sucessfully navigated to the Cardrona carpark. I never mentioned the issue that had commenced the whole kerfuffle.

  16. The most amazing 15 minutes of my life would have to be entering this competition! The thought of winning an iPad 2 from this competition was so exciting. Ben always has the best blog entries – so it was a double-whammy 🙂

  17. The most amazing 15 minutes of my life would be when my Telco called me to let me know that a spare port has become available at my local exchange so I can finally get “Broadband” now.

    Until that day, I regretted everyday about not checking for “broadband availability” in the area I bought my first home.


  18. My most amazing 15 mins of my life would be when I learned that my brothers had finally graduated from college after going through so much!

  19. My most amazing 15 minutes would the first time I went diving off the Great Barrier Reef at night. Phosphorescent algae meant I could see the shapes of other divers, fish and the reef outlined in tiny glowing specks, even with no dive lights. It was astonishing.

  20. The most amazing 15 minutes of my life were probably when I went parasailing in Malaysia. They didn’t seem to mind much that I had no experience, and let me go up on my own, taking off from a crowded beach.

    Seeing the ground fly away from under me was definitely a moment of whoa. The problem was getting back down. They’d told me put all my weight on the left line to start the landing, but the death grip that I’d had on both lines either side of me throughout the whole experience wasn’t letting up.

    So I approached the beach, and feebly pulled the left line with one hand. There was a lot of yelling from the parasailing operators (bet they wished they’d sent me up with someone now!) I managed to start the descent, and the ground started coming up fast.

    Remember how I took off from a crowded beach? Yeah, not the best place to land. I ran over a small child’s sandcastle (narrowly avoiding the small child in question), and scattered a crowd of tourists.

    Still, fun though!

  21. Must say my most amazing 15min was meeting my soulmate for the first time almost 4 years ago. I was awestruck and have remained so since. Actually on the the 4th of September this year we celebrate 4 years together. It may sound cliché but everything about her is amazing!

  22. The most amazing 15 minutes of my life was when I realised this was a random competition, so I don’t need to give away any truly personal anecdotes on the internet, ‘cos this is enough to get an entry.

  23. The best 15 minutes were reaching the top of Mt Egmont after having climbed for the past 4-5 hours. This was quickly followed by the joy of reaching the bottom at the end of the day and finally being able to sit down and take off those tramping boots.

  24. Most amazing 15 mins? Reading Morgan Nichols comment would rate in my top ten (I’m a slow reader) but #1 would be watching my oldest child’s head pop out of his mum’s tummy during a caesarian. Got a great photo too…

  25. The most amazing 15 minutes of my life was when i was abducted by aliens. They experimented on me and jabbed me with sharp probes. Their spaceship was weird, in that time ran at a completely different speed. 100 years on the alien ship was only 15 minutes of earth time. Imagine how many probes and things they jabbed me with in 100 years. yikes. I wanna do it again. Pick me, pick me for the iPad and I’ll have something that almost resembles the awesome technology they had onboard the mothership.

  26. Seems to be a common thread, but the birth of our child was a special 15 minutes or so that I will always hold dear. To finally have our dearly wanted son with us was just awesome. That first cry, the first of many sprays lol. Loved every minute of it!

  27. Finding out I was going to be a dad for the first time. Sort of balanced up the terror of the next 8 months trying to figure out how the heck I was actually going to do it……

  28. When I saw my baby boy after coming round from a crash c-section when he was born 7 weeks early and seeing that he was ok, tiny, but perfect and healthy.

  29. Currently sitting in my lecture being enlightened about privacy laws and electronic privacy. Best 15 minutes of my life.

  30. Plenty of good times but probably the MOST amazing would be the 15mins I got to spend inside of John Malkovich’s consciousness. I mean, I know it’s kind of been done, what with the Kaufman/Jonze/Cusack movie and all – almost like me saying “hey, I climbed Mt Everest!” and you responding “Yeah, who hasn’t” – but until you’ve been there yourself you really can’t know how awesome and life-changing an experience it is; to see with those eyes and feel with those hands cannot truly be described. Well, it would have been life changing, if I hadn’t, at the end of my cosmically allotted 15mins, broken my neck upon falling into that ditch on the side of the Jersey Turnpike to die instantly. Now, as I while away my time in purgatory with a flaky ass 56kbps dial-up connection, I can but hope to win this competition and gain my very own iPad 2 (with the 3Gs of internet friendship!) so that I can get back up to speed with all the new LOLcatz that have been loaded onto the YouTubes since that incredibly exciting, if fateful, day.

  31. Probably the 15 minutes of hard wrangling it took to convince our CIO that I should have a WinPho7 Trophy instead of a WinMo6.5 Aspen.
    Took some fast talking, but I haven’t come close to regretting it yet. Of course you lot are are out of luck now Vodafone have run out of HTC Trophys.

  32. I spent New Years at a ski field in Norway during my student exchange to Denmark. It was 15 mins of pure awesome welcoming in 2008. But felt strange without going to the beach and having a BBQ at that time of year.

  33. The best 15 minutes of my life would have to be when my parents surprised me with my first car! A 1997 Audi A4 1.8T! The first 15 minutes of driving just showed me how much freedom my parents have just gave me! 2 Years on, With the current price of petrol and driving into the city everyday and parking this car is realllly expensive, Every penny I earn goes to it, yet I still love to drive it! This is why I need to enter competitions to win iPads, because I have no money! Haha 🙂

  34. my best 15 minutes would be after the all blacks win rugby world cup final when I had abstained from sex for 6 weeks to support them………oh wait that would be my best 2 minutes, the other 13 would be then watching tv

  35. it was 1992 and i’m weaseling through a full-tilt moshpit and somehow in my stoned, drunken, magical ninja rage LEAP UP onto the stage by jackie-chan-style-light-footed-levering off the small of some poor bastards back, then his shoulders. i climb up onto a huge stack of speakers, and… pass out.

    apparently fugazi, a band vehemently opposed to stage diving, were not impressed. they stopped the gig dead and the bouncers dragged my unconscious, profusely bleeding carcass out and dumped me in a corridor. a friend rescued me and woke me up in the women’s loos.

    my 15mins was The Evening Post referring to me as “some dick” who almost ruined their night. precious fckers.

  36. Getting to hold my baby girl for the first time in her life. Having her on my chest and looking up at me. I was surprised she could hold her head up. I had thought it took a little time before new borns had enough strength. But it was the best 15 minutes of my life… followed by many more.

  37. First time I almost crashed with paraglider: I was really new to paragliding and just had my very first descent in Montenegro. Scene was spectacular: limestone mountains towering almost 1km above small valley and attractive beaches below, middle of the summer 40C+.
    My first flight was comical because I could not sit down properly, so one other flyer showed my how to get into better position.
    We got to the take-off and I was first to go. I took off with no problem and as soon I saw window of opportunity I let go of commands, raised myself into better sitting position and grabbed commands back, because I had to make a turn.
    Now, the wing I had was really sensitive and gave very little feedback trough commands and as I grabbed them little did I know that what used to enough pull on commands to be gentle turn is now going to be much more – actually my position change left me so disoriented when it comes to neutral position of my commands that I ended breaking on both sides, one more, the other much less.
    Effect was drastic as the wing basically stopped mid-air and twisted back, deflated – I stared free-falling.
    As I passed the highway, which twisted down the mountains I was attempting to put some air back into the wings (success) but I had no more horizontal air speed. Ricking back and forth I noticed ground rapidly approaching – I got out of the seat and hopped that I would have slowed down my fall enough. Area where I was to crash was steep 60+ degrees so I knew that it was not going to be gentle no matter how much I slowed down.
    Second before I touched the ground wing came back to life and pulled up and forward, giving me two steps to push myself off steep rocks and back into the valley.
    I had very little height and contemplated landing in another remote area, then another, then another. Finally I got to the town and glided between houses to hit the beach at mere 3m above the ground.
    I contemplated next 15 minutes why would I continue paragliding. Who am I kidding? It took 40seconds, until I saw next paraglider taking off…

  38. My fictional most amazing 15 minutes would be the peak of eating the most delicious dish in the world (not sure what that is, but maybe something served at the French Laundry?)

  39. … it was only just yesterday I was sitting back in my chair, wearing nothing more than socks and a poncho – a piping hot mexican pizza on the desk with my feet on the desk. I was busy tweaking the SSH Tunnel on my HTC Sensation. I remember thinking at the time – bliss.

    (Please dont tell the missus about this)

  40. Getting the results of an exam I sat last year. I finally passed after almost 2 years of studying while at the same time holding a full time job. Of course the missus was even happier and i can actually spend more time with her and our child. No more hiding in the room and burning the midnight oil.

  41. I was in Paris with my girlfriend, having transported the engagement ring in the bottom of a shoe and quietly sweated everytime we had left the cases unattended. My master plan was a night proposal on the Eiffel tower. The restaurant was busy and by the time we headed to the tower it was getting late. A last minute dash before the 11pm close off and we made it. I presented the ring on bended knee over looking the night lights of Paris fanastic!

  42. My most amazing 15 minutes was where I went back in time to erradicate the dinosaurs to save mankind. It was a thankless job that no one will ever truely know or appreciate but I did it for the children.

  43. The most amazing 15 minutes of my life was probably the birth of my second daughter.

    We arrived at the hospital at 12:55am, and she was born at 1:08am.

    Sure, it’s only 13 minutes, but it took me more than 2 minutes to recover from.

  44. My most amazing fifteen minutes was when I was the attacking the first Death Star in my X-wing fighter. I was the last pilot to make a run for the exhaust port when Darth Vader himself started shooting at me from his TIE fighter. Just when I thought I was a goner, my mate Han (whom I thought had gone AWOL with his reward for rescuing the Princess) turned up in his heap of junk freighter and sent old Vader spinning off into space.

    I had a clear shot. I knew I could hit womp rats back home in my T-16, and they’re not much bigger than two meters, but I was pissing myself with nerves this time. But then the Force took hold of me and a wave of calm washed through me. I could hear my dearly departed mentor, Ben Kenobi urging me on.

    And I fired. Kaboom! We just got out of there before the blastwave overcame us. And I was the fucking hero, man!

    It was a bit shit the way they didn’t give ol’ Chewbacca a medal too, since Han wouldn’t have been able to do what he did without him. But whatevs, I still got a BJ from that hot Princess (and Han was spewing!)

  45. My most amazing 15 min was the first time I went sky-diving: for a moment I thought it was surreal that I could actually fly… before I had to pull my parachute string that is.

  46. Many years ago, I was privileged to be taught aerobatics by a former fighter pilot who flew P40’s and Corsairs in the Pacific theatre during WW2.

    The first time we went up he showed me things that you could do with a humble Cessna 152A that I wouldn’t have believed possible!

    15 min was about all I could handle!

    (Only time I’ve ever had red-out and grey-out in the same session!)

  47. My most amazing 15 minutes was when I was upgraded to business class in flight because my personal tv screen in economy was not working. Having tried to fix the tv for a few minutes, the flight attendant approached me and said, “sir, I’m afraid we’re going to have to put you in business class”. I said, “Don’t be afraid” 🙂

  48. There are many ‘most amazing 15 minutes’ but the first one that came to mind was hanging out in Akaroa sitting at a pub looking out over the harbour. Blue skies, perfect temperature, the smell of the ocean, the sound of birds and some fine tunes in the background. All whilst sipping an ice-chilled beer. A full sensory experience. I’m almost drooling just thinking of it!

  49. My most amazing 15 minutes was when I visited White Island. It’s like another world out there. Feels strange, look strange and smells strange. There is always the high risk of eruption to keep you on alert.

  50. My most amazing 15 minutes was the first time I got to hold my daughter after she was born. After the mad panic and craziness of the birth, I got to have the perfect moment of zen, just cuddling her in our own pocket of quiet while the doctors were seeing to my wife.

    (yes, there was manly blubbering)

  51. There is nothing like the birth of your children. I have one boy, and will never forget those first moments of new life and the rest of that day. Highly emotional.

  52. One of the most amazing 15 mins (and a bit) of my life, was an early morning hot air balloon trip in Namibia, on the edge of the Namib desert (at Sesriem). The presence of such a large sand mass means it generates its own wind, and even at that time of the morning, the prevailing wind blows off the desert. Well normally it does….

    But on the morning of our trip, there was a large thunderstorm to the east, and it was causing the wind to in the opposite direction (the first time in 4 years of operation that the balloon company had encountered this!). So instead of floating away from the desert, we headed out over the HUGE sand dunes. Was incredible floating silently above such a huge mass of golden sand in the morning sunlight, with a towering thunderstorm behind us.

    The fact we landed a few km’s into the desert, and it took the ground crew almost 1 hour to get in to us, and another hour to get us out, just added to the adventure.

  53. My most amazing 15 minutes was when i discovered i coud stick my phone in snack size snap lock bag and internet whilst relaxing in the spa, (the large ones should fit a iPad…)

  54. Driving through the motorways of Auckland at midnight, then over the harbour bridge looking back, after arriving in New Zealand for a new life

  55. The most amazing 15 minutes will happen when my children talk for the first time, they are 5 and 3 now. An ipad2 will help them talk.

  56. I have a complaint, I swear when I entered it did not say specifically NZ/AU only…… 2nd why is that? There’s a bunch that are world wide… Then there’s 2 for NZ/AU only….

  57. My most amazing 15 minutes was receiving a phone call from my father after trying to make contact with him, for the very first time. I first met my father when I was 18 years old, after having gone through my life having never known him, never knowing his name, never really knowing of his existance….when people quizzed me about my father I simply told them “I don’t have a father”. I learned of his name when I was 16 years old via my Grandmother (My Mum’s Mum), and searched for him and found him. I sent a letter which went unanswered. Then a couple of years later I sent a second letter, which I expected to also go unanswered. But it didn’t. He phoned me……it was the most amazing moment of my life receiving that phone call. To hear his voice for the first time. To learn about him and his family. It’s still amazing to me now, some 18 years later.

  58. The most amazing 15 minutes of my life would have to be during Blondie’s NZ “A Day On The Green” shows last year. My wife and I went to all 3 NZ shows (I am a huge fan) – and the shows left me with the biggest smile ever (according to my wife!). She reckons it has to be up there with the best moments of my life.

  59. The most amazing 15 mins of my life was when I turned 18, and celebrated by skydiving and bungy jumping with my gf and friends. Later that day, they took me to ShowGirls (lol) which was kind of a fun experience.

  60. Commentor #14 here! I can’t believe I won!

    Thanks a bunch to Ben and Vonage for this awesome prize! This has been on my gadget wish list for some time, but circumstances beyond my control has ensured it has been in the “want but can’t have” category.

    And well done to all the other combatants. There were some pretty awesome entries in this competition.

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