No place here for veil

Veil wearers want no part of the secular except our privileges.

To hell with the veil. It has no place here. This is my considered opinion after giving the matter extensive thought. It really is an offensive piece of medieval kit that speaks of medievalism and religious extremism.

Actually, I use the word veil loosely. Everyone does. The veil is actually the entire – generally white – covering enshrouding the clothes a woman has underneath it.

And in fact, in the countries where Catholicism reigns, they tend to have stalled in their development several hundreds of years ago so the general cleanliness of their communities Рand by that I mean the dust flying round and the rubbish people discard Рand the habit helps keeps your clothes cleaner for longer. This was my observation in Rome.

But in this country the veil seems to be an imprisonment of women. It just seems mad. You know it’s about women having to hide themselves. It’s nothing to do with God, either. It predates the Bible. It just suited the men who adopted the teachings of the Prophet to keep the woman subjugated.

So I’m not actually bothered too much by the dress. It just looks silly, antiquated, foreign. What bothers people in New Zealand, and what bothered our two bus drivers, was the face mask or veil.

I don’t think we mind too much the head scarf, the veil, though I’m sure most of us think it silly, in the same way we think Exclusive Brethren women silly with their inevitable covering of the hair. You see head scarf and you know you’re looking at bigotry.

No, it’s the mask. The gauze wrapped round the head and underneath it, covering the eyes, the veil. What’s more, it is intimidating.

It says: “I am not part of your filthy heathen community. I’m here enjoying all of the privileges the enlightened secular world can provide, but I don’t really approve of you all and have no desire to be part of you. I am happy to be a long way from the atrocities, monstrosities and medievalism of the religion I fled, but still, I cannot be part of you.”

Culturalism, schmulteralism. Catholic women in this country have to get real. This is where you live, and as the timeless saying puts it, “When in Napier…”


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