I like the internet. Do you? Remember that appalling display in parliament, when MPs (who clearly didn’t understand the issues)* stood and debated, then implemented a law which has since been effectively labelled a human rights abuse by the UN?

If you have an interest in the future of the internet, internet applications, data, internet law, safety, or anything else vaguely internetty, then get yourself along to the upcoming NetHui conference. It’s at SkyCity in Auckland from 29th June to 1 July.

Attending NetHui is probably the best chance you’ll have to actually voice your opinion about the internet in New Zealand among people who can make a difference. Heck, you might end up being one of those people yourself. The conversations and debates at NetHui (which is backed by uber-lobbyists InternetNZ) will very likely end up forming the basis of policy (or at least advocacy) in the future.

The full event programme is online, and is divided mainly into a bunch of streams:

  • Digital Citizenship (consumers, cyber safety, cyber bullying, etc)
  • Access and Diversity (usability, human rights, etc)
  • Government and Openness (open data yo!)
  • Globalisation and Law (copyright, intellectual property, treaties, etc)
  • Innovation and Emerging Issues (fibre, UFB, cloud computing, etc)
  • Education (universities, schools, teachers, etc)

If that’s not enough, the event will be keynoted by Lawrence Lessig. Regardless of your position or politics, Lessig is an incredible public speaker to watch. Last time I saw him, he churned through something like 200 slides in a 40 minute talk. Sometimes one per word. Dude is amazing.

But wait, before you dismiss this whole idea, check out the price: $30 (yes, thirty bucks) for probably the best networking opportunity in the tech/internet space in New Zealand this year. I’m going. Are you?

*Apart from Gareth Hughes of course.

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