Mindscape Windows Phone 7 Elements Giveaway


DatePickerVerticalMindscape build awesome developer productivity tools. Their Lightspeed ORM is one of the best in the business. Now these local chaps have lent their talent to my favourite platform: releasing a bunch of lovely Windows Phone 7 controls in the Mindscape Phone Elements for Windows Phone 7.

I’ve had a bit of a play with them (full review coming soon), and can say that the controls are very nicely put together. Fast, straightforward, and great to use. There’s some basics in there that any developer would use: dock panel and date picker come to mind. And if you want graphing in your Windows Phone 7 app, it would be hard to go past their chart controls. All of the chart controls have the same slick API, including zoom support and events. Just check out that sexy spline action:


Along with Mindscape’s legendary quality and attention to detail, you get their commitment to regular updates, proven through the addition of more controls within weeks of launch.

The best thing? Mindscape are currently giving away a whole heap of licenses for FREE. Hit this link ASAP for your copy. If you miss out, let me know and I’ll see if I can ask nicely on your behalf.

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  1. oh bummer – missed the giveaway offer! any chance you could ask nicely on my behalf? 😉

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