WP7 Non-update Update being Updated

The update that isn’t an update will be coming to Vodafone New Zealand’s HTC Trophy devices next week. Revealing an interesting insight to the update shenanigans, Vodafone has said that the update has been approved by both Vodafone Group and Vodafone NZ, and Microsoft will push the update next week.

Microsoft announced the update on Monday, and has been slowly rolling it out worldwide, with some troubles on some phones creating a ruckus. This being the first public update (developer devices got a couple of updates prior to general release), Windows Phone 7 nerds have been trying to find out how the update process works. Carriers are apparently allowed to block one update, but will then be forced to accept the update along with the subsequent update. This means if carriers were to block this update, they would need to roll it out along with the heavily telegraphed NoDo update (including copy-paste).

The delayed rollout of this first update has caused some to query if the update is indeed being blocked by their carrier. Turns out the “staged” rollout might very well take more than a few weeks with carriers worldwide collaborating with Microsoft to approve the update prior to releasing the hounds.

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