Developers: UPT Digital and Windows Phone 7

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On a recent trip to Christchurch, I had the pleasure to meet a bunch of guys from UPT Digital. We talked about their recent project, and their focus on mobile development, including their recent work on Windows Phone 7.

UPT Digital is an offshoot of Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti, a special character high school situated in the center of Christchurch. The students direct their own learning, and follow their own interest and enthusiasm. As such, UPT Digital was created to give students an opportunity to learn about software development and game creation.

UPT Digital have built an original Windows Phone 7 game called Pop-ins, which tests geographic knowledge by asking users to drag and drop a marker to the named location on a map. With next to no outside help, these young developers picked up the WP7 dev tools coded up a working game – testament to just how straightforward development for the Windows Phone platform is. Part of their motivation was that the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is less saturated than the iPhone App Store.

We talk about the game and some of the other work UPT have done in the video.


  1. Ha, looks like they’ve got a huge advantage over most school kids career wise… by the time they enter the work force they’ll be seasoned Software Engineers… not old enough to be distracted by women, and unperturbed by Computer Games like World of Warcraft, the perfect storm, they could be very successful.

    1. The boys are always keen to be distracted by girls, and games. We’ve been actively recruiting girls and I think we’ve finally got a few joining the class this year. It will be interesting to see if productivity drops. 😉

  2. The game is called “Pop PiNZ”. Dean Gardiner (16) of UPT Digital, is the programmer. He’s amazing. Tristan (12, fourth along in video) is writing the code for our new WP7 app “Symbatonkey”.

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