Samsung-NX100-top A year or so ago I had a play with the Samsung NX10 and was unimpressed. Sure it had a sensor that most full-on DSLRs would be proud of, but it just didn’t wow me. DPReview called it “a good start”.

Now, Samsung have released the NX100. On paper it seems incredibly similar to the NX10. The same APS-C sensor, the same lens mount, similar size. But the difference feels like f2 compared to f22. The NX100 loses a built-in flash compared to the NX10, but overall it’s faster, easier to use, nicer to look at, and just lovely.

I really only had a few days to play with it, but it takes nice shots and the range of tweaks and functions would suit most pro-am photographers. The i-Function lens is a neat addition: press the iFn button on the lens, and the focus ring becomes a control that you can use to dial in changes to shutter, aperture, exposure, and other camera settings. Heaps easier than fiddly buttons on the back of the camera.

You can get i-Function lenses as a 20mm f2.8 prime, or a 20-50mm utility lens. The NX100 also fits all of the existing NX mount lenses if you have any.

RRP is a spendy $1,099, but if you want something more compact than a DSLR with many of the same qualities, it could be a good fit.

Couple of test photos:

Samsung NX100 Test Shots Samsung NX100 Test Shots

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    1. Difficult call. The Sony does 1080 video where the Samsung only does 720. The Sony also has a slightly faster continuous shooting mode.

      But I prefer the look and the shape of the NX100 🙂

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