Giapo for Starship 2010

Ice-cream and sick children go together like me and Morgan Nichol.

If you have a charitable bone in your body, get that body down to Giapo on Queen Street from 12pm tomorrow (18th December 2010). For $6 you can buy some of Gianpaolo’s incredibly delicious gelato, and be smug in the knowledge that all of that $6 goes straight toward buying a Mass Flow Respiratory Sensor for Starship.

If that’s not enough motivation, you can also witness the release of Giapo’s Christmas Flavour. I suggested the taste of pine needles and crushed fairylights, but Giapo’s idea of Christmas Mince Pies is infinitely better. I’ll be there serving up the yums too.

Giapo Christmas

And if that’s still not enough motivation, there’ll be actual real celebrities there like Kimberly Crossman, sexy Colin from New Zealand’s Top Model (who probably doesn’t remember, but was an integral part of this wonderful event), and awesome Jaqui Brown.


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