Windows Phone 7 On Sale Tomorrow

If you want to be first in the world to buy a Windows Phone 7 phone, you can do so from 12:01am tomorrow (21st October 2010) on Vodafone’s website. The HTC Trophy will be your only option to start with.

If you can handle waiting a little bit longer, Vodafone and Microsoft will park a mobile showroom in Auckland’s Aotea Square from 7am. Phones will be on sale from 8am, and then in “selected” Vodafone stores from midday.

I’ll be there with bells on.

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  1. Hmmm they may not lock the phone but may limit it to 24-month term contracts only like they do with the iPhone 4. Those are shady shenanigans… wonder what the comm comm thinks of that practice?

  2. Ben, have to tried the voice search on the phone yet?

    I was trying it out on the emulator, but it couldn’t understand what I was saying, maybe it’s just the way I talk, lol.

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