The case of the mysterious backwards HTC Trophy

Check this out. Here is a normal looking, if a bit dirty HTC Trophy:


But, on close inspection, under the right light, you’ll shit bricks (click the images to embiggify):

trophy-backbutton trophy-searchbutton

Yes, that’s right, it appears the screen glass has been put on backwards, and the semi-transparent overlays for the hardware buttons are now back to front. It took me ages to capture these images (I had to carefully add fingerprints, and the lighting has to be perfect), and it’s something I only barely noticed in passing.

Very interesting. I wonder if this is one-in-a-million, like those inverted postage stamps? Does your Trophy look like this?

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    1. You mean the phone that in its 4th iteration still does not support the full A2DP profile with forward and reverse commands, when my Windows Mobile 2003SE does about 6 years ago? Trust me, Apple is well capable of having it; they have both the technical expertise and resources to implement it – they’re just holding back technologies so that they can come out with new devices every 1-2 years and have suckers like you pay for it.

      Basically you’re paying a premium price for an outdated tech, which only gives the appearance of advance tech because they throw in eye-candy software and hardware like Retina display and animated transitions like a PowerPoint (or if u prefer, Keynote) slide.

  1. Oh no, the hobbits got their hands on the Windows Phone!

    Those greasy basters! No seriously, I have the same with my iPhone when I fingered the butter to make a sandwich.

    Do we have to wait another 2 years in the Netherlands or so? Even the totally kiwi hobbits can get my precious sooner :O

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