Telecom does Backflips

motorola-backflip-motus In the fifth of their recent Android releases, Telecom are launching the super-weird looking Motorola Backflip. What does that keyboard do when its on the back of the phone?

The Android releases are fair pouring into the New Zealand market at the moment. One wonders if there’s any room at all for Microsoft to wedge Windows Phone 7 in there after tomorrow’s announcement.

Full press release follows:


Android gathers pace as Telecom launches new phones

Telecom is boosting its range of Android smartphones to nine in the coming months, as worldwide sales of the Google-developed mobile platform outpace rivals.

Telecom’s fifth and latest Android phone, the Motorola Backflip, launched here in late September and the company plans to have an additional four Android handsets in market, including the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Si9000, in time for Christmas.

General Manager of Marketing at Telecom, Kieren Cooney says Android is increasingly becoming the connected device operating system of the future.

“Android is driving a revolution in mobile – in fact it’s the world’s fastest growing mobile operating system, outselling even the Blackberry and the iPhone.

“The key difference with Android is that it’s an open platform, which means leading manufacturers such as Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG and Samsung are all able to freely produce their own Android phones. What this means for the customer is that there is an Android for everyone, no matter what style or brand of phone you prefer, or how much you want to spend.”

Mr Cooney says the XT network is the natural home for Android smartphones in New Zealand because its speed and coverage means mobile users can get the most out of their phone’s features across the country.

The other key benefit of Android phones, says Mr Cooney, is the freedom and flexibility that comes from being able to personalise your phone using applications, or ‘apps’.

“The Android Market is where you go to find the apps to customise your phone to your own needs. There are around 75,000 apps currently available, and this is growing each day. Even better, more than half of them are free to download so you can have a very enriched and personalised mobile experience at very little cost.”

For the latest information about Telecom’s range of Android phones please visit a Telecom retail store or go to



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  1. “in fact it’s the world’s fastest growing mobile operating system, outselling even the Blackberry and the iPhone. ”

    I love how so many industry people still don’t get that the iPhone is a specific mobile device, and Android is an Operating System that is on dozens of devices. So dozens of Android phones are collectively outselling ‘the iPhone’ — I should bloody hope so. That’s like saying “Windows 7 is outselling the iMac.” Yes: No shit!

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