Orcon’s “Best Value” Plans

Orcon TweetOrcon just tweeted about their new residential plans, saying on Twitter “They are the best value we’ve ever had“, and on their website “These plans will offer better value than any of our plans ever have“. I’m not so sure about that. Let me break it down to the break o’ dawn for yall.

My curent plan:

  • Platinum+ base plan (25GB, Phone, Voicemail, CallerID etc): $120
  • 50GB data add-on: $50
  • Total Cost: $170 (soon to be plus additional GST, which makes it about $173.75).

The brilliant “best value” new plan:

  • Platinum+ base plan (30GB, Phone, no smart phone): $120
  • 50GB data add-on: $55
  • Smart phone add-ons: $10
  • Total Cost: $185

To be fair, if I add the additional 5GB to my current plan at the $2/GB overage rate, it adds $10, making my current plan + GST + overage $184

In what world is this new plan “the best value ever”?

In response to that very question, Orcon has this to say:
[quote]Data caps on most of the new plans have increased. What we have also done is allow people to choose what they value, and whether they want to pay for it. Orcon customers are more than welcome to stay on their current plan, or pick and choose features to build the best Telecommunications package for their needs.[/quote]
Which basically says nothing at all.


  1. Yeah… Our current plan is Purple+ with a 50GB extra upgrade, which is $129.95/month

    New plan is $80/month + 55 for the 50GB upgrade….

    Best value was what I had yesterday.

  2. Xnet are doing the same thing, making a lot of noise about how the value of their plans has increased, yet after the price changes are made their actually more expensive.

    Perhaps its Chorus to blame and not the ISP? Either way it would be nice if someone (i.e. commerce commission) had the ability to keep these guys in line without having to jump through all the hoops they do at the moment.

    Surely Orcon and Xnet would spew all the BS if they knew they’d get an instant fine for misleading advertising.

  3. Gotta love that nothing response you got back from Orcon. How to take a whole paragraph to not answer a rather basic question.

  4. This is crazy, a whole additional 5GB to the base plan? How generous!! Gotta love the bit about allowing people to choose what they value. Isn’t callerID and voicemail valued by everyone? Except now it goes from being free to costing $10?! If you still need an extra data upgrade anyway then the 5GB bonus is trivial!

  5. I suspect Orcon’s customer service is getting bombarded at the moment! I too was looking forward to ‘best value ever’… the email I received suggested I upgrade from Purple+ @ new pricing of $81.75 to …wait for it… Purple+ for $81.75! I emailed them to say that wasn’t a terribly good suggestion! They responded saying I could upgrade to Purple+ for $80. Nice of them to absorb GST but its not exactly living up to the hype!

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