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Freeview LogoThe question machine’s reception is still excellent, so I recieved this broadcast:[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] re: Freeview (terrestrial).
In my ignorance I thought the terrestrial Freeview signal was sent out in one “wave” or signal, to then be decoded, separated and screened. But maybe this isn’t so? In bad weather I’m seeing really bad digital breakup of the Maori channel, so bad it’s totally unwatchable (we ended up watching it on the analogue signal instead last night), therefore I now surmise that the signals are in fact separate, and that the Maori channel must have a very weak signal. TVs 1, 2 and 3 have no similar problem, I recall that Prime may also suffer. Is my updated opinion correct? Does it cost more for a stronger signal, I would have thought all my signals come from the same source? [/pullquote]

Now I will immediately admit ignorance as to Freeview’s exact mode of broadcast. I do know that the channels are split into groups that are broadcast over a similar UHF frequency, so could it be that Maori TV is on a slightly different frequency to TVs 1, 2 and 3? Perhaps the readers could answer?

The only cost you’ll be covering for a “stronger signal” would be a bigger aerial to pick up more of the available signal. Freeview does have a handy coverage checker, but it doesn’t tell me which transmitter I should point my aerial at, nor which way (polarity) I should mount the aerial. However, our friends at Wikipedia have a handy list.


  1. It is on a different transponder to TVNZ.

    TVNZ is 1, 2, TVNZ6, TVNZ7
    CanWest (I think) is TV3, C4
    Last one is Prime and Maori I think.

  2. As far as I gather…

    Prime and Maori and freeview demo are on the same frequency
    Tvnz channels – 1,2, tv6,tv7
    Mediaworks channels 3,c4,c42

    All those are on different channels or frequency (not sure of the term). Before having my UHF aerial set up.. Using bunny rabbits would only either get 1 or 2 of those groups mentioned above never all 3… Set UHF up myself but was about 30cm of the waitakere station – same problem but got a guy to come over with
    the measuring unit and well resolved in 10mins n 40bucks

    They are all on a similar bandwidth but a slight aerial change can cause a little differences in signal quality and strength. Could try moving your aerial a little here and there and try your luck

    Ps – I live in a valley and use a 4 fin UHF aerial so would try other options before buying a new bigger aerial

  3. Thanks peoples – obviously the Maori/Prime/Demo signal is not as strong as the others, it doesn’t take much for it to start to stuff up. I may have to make a few calls to aerial installers to see if they think they can fix it.

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