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Game Center BugTalk to any iPhone app developer and you’ll hear stories of app rejection over minor bugs and inconsistencies. I’m not even talking about the big-news app rejections like Google Voice – just minor bugs like notifications not working or intermittent obscure crashes.

So it’s more than a little ironic that Apple’s new Game Center on iOS 4.1 continues to trumpet new friend requests even with notifications turned off. Check the image at right for glaring evidence (Game Center notifications clearly say “off” in the background).

This isn’t a minor bug. I only have notifications turned on for things I consider quite important, and to have Game Center’s blaring trumpet fire twice in a meeting before I could hit the mute switch is just plain obnoxious. It’s spam. Apple would revoke any app that did this, and here I am having to either wait for an iOS update, or stop using Game Center to get rid of the notifications.

Poor form Apple. Very poor form.

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  1. … also, does this mean Game Center is consuming mobile data when I’ve told it not to? Grrr.

    I’m sure there’s an app to check fot that….oh wait, no there isn’t, is there.

    (Not on an iPhone anyway) 😉

  2. Can you delete it. i am unable to on my phone but have not signed in so hoping it will go away one day. very invasive. On a more positive note the Navionics app for fishing is A1 and amazing. great stuff

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