Win one of TWO Motorola Milestones (thanks Telecom!)

Motorola MilestoneThat’s right. Priced at $999 and not even officially available yet, I’ve got two of these puppies to give away to you fullahs, courtesy of Telecom. They run on the XT network and are capable of download speeds up to 10Mbps. In reality I’ve done speed tests and regularly get around 3-4Mbps which is still brilliant. These phones are fantastic – seriously top build quality and running Android 2.1 with all the bells and whistles. Email, web, GPS, Facebook, you name it, this phone can do it.

Given the incredible quality of the prize, I’m not going to make it easy. I’m pretty desperate to keep one of these for myself, so if the entry quality isn’t up to scratch, then I’m not going to let the second one go. Don’t let me down.

Here’s how we’re going to run it. The phone weighs 165 grams, which is one of the heavier phones I’ve seen. I jokingly call it the millstone. So, you have two options: send me a photo of something that weighs exactly* 165 grams, AND/OR send me a photo of a really funny “millstone” sight-gag.

One entry per person for both. So yes, you can enter twice if you send a photo of something that weighs 165 grams AND a stupid millstone joke. Videos are cool too if you roll that way, and will likely get extra points for difficulty. Don’t send me 200MB video files; use Vimeo or something.

Then, next Sunday (29th August), I’ll pick the two most interesting or hilarious entries and post them up (along with all other entries so you can argue about my judgement). If you need a point of reference for how this ends up looking, check Gizmodo’s photoshop contests (but I’m looking for non-shopped photos).


Here’s the stuff to stop foreigners and dumb people entering:

  • Send entries to with the subject “Milestone”.
  • One or two emails per entry (if you’re entering both options, you can send in a single or separate emails, just don’t enter multiple times).
  • Entries limited to New Zealand residents only (sorry guys, the postage will kill me).
  • The items are brand new, but may have been opened and reviewed for this website and TVNZ.
  • Entries close Sunday 29 August 2010 at 5:00pm (NZ time).
  • Winners will be contacted by email.
  • If winners don’t respond within 1 week, the prize is forfeited.

And no, I won’t keep or spam your email address, and you retain all the copyrighty stuff to your images and videos. IANAL. I’m also not a lawyer.

*I’m not going to ask for proof of scale calibration, but I’m not going to just take any old weight. Use your imagination. Borrow some digital scales from your neighbourhood P lab, or video yourself measuring those 50g division lines on a pack of butter. I know Giapo Gelato on Queen Street has digital scales that he’ll probably let you use for a second if you tell him why.

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