Vodafone Announces Nudity

Vodafone have just announced some new “Naked” broadband plans: ADSL without a phone number. Prices are cheaper in their unbundled “Red Zone”, and cheaper still if you have an on-account Vodafone plan.

Downside is Vodafone’s rather silly data usage scenarios. If you use more than your limit, you can “double your data”, or be throttled to 64kbps. You can only double your data once a month. So if you’re like me and use a little bit more than 60GB per month, then you’ll always be throttled for some of the month. This makes it a complete fail for me at the moment, but you might have more luck.

Here’s the guts (in a horrible screen-cap of a horrible MS Word formatted email table):

[quote]* Vodafone’s discounted naked broadband pricing is available when naked broadband is linked to a Vodafone on account mobile calling or Home Phone Wireless plan, which you pay for or an employer pays for. Prepay, mobile broadband, data, TXT only and Free2Call plans are not eligible for the discounted naked broadband price.

[1] Vodafone’s naked broadband plans are not available at rural telephone exchange areas. Check your address at vodafone.co.nz to see if you are eligible.

[2] To access SKY High Definition content you will need a High Definition capable TV, a High Definition access ticket for a cost of $10 per month, and subscribe to SKY Basic, SKY Sport and/or SKY Movies. Offer applies to each eligible Vodafone fixed line account, not per SKY box.[/quote]

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  1. Hmm… looks like our place less than 15 minutes from Auckland city centre is still not in the “red zone”. That and the silly over-limit rules mean I’m out as well. Telecom’s highest TotalHome plan is slightly more expensive but has no mobile requirement, gives you 40GB but lets you pay per gig after that — and no throttling, which I much prefer.

    Is there a coverage map of the red zone anywhere?

  2. Hmm, im outside the red zone, so sticking with xnet, nothing new here vodafone.
    (xnet is $70+$1.02GB, so 30GB’s is ~$100 and includes a voip line.. vodafone is $95 without a voip line.. or $100 with, it seems)

    1. @Lewis I’m assuming you don’t have a VFNZ mobile plan. For me (who does) this will be cheaper $65 vs ~$100, and can pay IIRC $7.95 to keep VFX connection through XNET. Downside is of course moving to Vodafone, although not like Xnet are what they used to be.

  3. You can double your data with Naked plans, but only once. It’s an issue (I hit the wall most months) and we’re working on it but it does mean that 60GB is the max.

    As for the Red Network – we said we’d unbundle Auckland and then review the situation. As it is, our footprint is being retrenched every time a cabinet is built – there’s little or no business case for unbundling cabinets at this point in time, especially when you add in uncertainty around the government’s fibre thing. Do we invest in copper only to see that overbuilt with fibre or do we wait? Currently we’re waiting for guidance around it all.


    Paul Brislen
    Vodafone head of corporate communications

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