As far as pinnacles go, it doesn’t get much more rocky and steep than Tech.Ed, at least in the New Zealand Microsoft development world. So I’m rather stoked to be presenting not one, but two sessions at Tech.Ed this year. If it goes well, it may just top that time Scott Hanselman (Google vanity bait ahoy!) commented on my StackOverflow answer for highlights of my development career.

If you can’t make it to Tech.Ed (I believe it is all but sold out), you could have a crack at Code Camp on the Sunday before (29th August), which is completely free. The downside is you’ll need to avoid Keith Patton and myself presenting yet more Windows Phone 7 content. Or you could come along and heckle to get your money’s worth?

Back to Tech.Ed (I think of it like PhysEd but a lot less horrible). I’ll be presenting one session on the Windows Phone Marketplace, including how to make enough money to wallpaper your house with; and a second session on the free developer tools (Visual Studio Express and Expression Blend), with a focus on the schizophrenic designer/developer nature of most one-man development teams.

If you want the official line on those sessions, look up my name in the session list over here, or read below:

Hardhat vs Beret – Making use of Windows Phone 7 Development and Design Tools

Track: Windows Phone Development
Speaker(s): Ben Gracewood
Do you wear a hardhat, a beret, or both? The free Windows Phone 7 software development kit comes with both Visual Studio Express 2010 and Expression Blend 4. So which is the right tool for the job? This session will cover the capabilities of both tools, highlight their strengths and weaknesses, and teach you about Developer/Designer interaction – even if these are one in the same person.

Shake Your Moneymaker: Marketing and Selling Windows Phone 7 Applications

Track: Windows Phone Development
Speaker(s): Ben Gracewood, Mark Bishop
How do you make money from Windows Phone 7 applications? In this session Mark and Ben will tell you everything there is to know about marketing and selling applications for Windows Phone 7. The session includes walkthroughs of the Marketplace from a developer and customer perspective, along with some essential application marketing tips and tricks. We’ll dissect some million-dollar examples from other platforms, and tell you how it’s done.

See you there!

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