Question: Can I Just Buy an iPhone 4?

A question has arrived, fresh off the boat:
[quote]Hi. I have a few questions re. iphone 4

Do you have to run it on an iphone plan or can I just use my existing VF plan?

I’m thinking of purching an iphone 4 from the Apple website, thinking it’s possibly faster than waiting for them to come into stores. What happens with the micro sims, though? You need a micro to run an iphone 4, right? Are they readily availible in VF stores, or do they only come in when the phones come in? In which case, I might as well wait and get one from a store. Your thoughts, please? Thanks.[/quote]
Despite what Apple would like you to think, the iPhone is just a phone, like every other phone you can buy from a shop or direct from Vodafone. It has a SIM slot, and Vodafone has absolutely no control over what piece of plastic you decide to put in that SIM slot.

So yes, you can use your existing plan. And yes, you can buy an iPhone 4 directly from Apple, then go into a Vodafone store and ask for a micro SIM. I’m pretty sure they have a lot more micro SIMs available than they do iPhones. You should have no issue getting one, but they might charge you a small fee for the pleasure.

If you’re keen to avoid that fee, you can even just chop up your existing SIM card so it fits in the slot on your phone. It’s cheap and fun, and I’ve done it myself with complete success. If you fail, just take the chopped card into a Vodafone store and ask for a replacement micro SIM.

One thing to check before you decide to use your existing plan with an iPhone: what will data cost you? You don’t have to use data when you’re using an iPhone, but it’s a heck of a lot more fun to use when you don’t have to worry so much about downloads. And while Vodafone’s billing system is broken, their iPhone plans have 3GB per month bonus data. It was meant to end this time last year, but is still going.

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  1. my question is when will new stock arrive and when will vodafone actually let me buy one! how long do you estimate the wait? weeks, months?

    1. Exactly! The staff at VF stores where I am, Hawkes Bay haven’t seen any come in their stores yet!

  2. I am going to buy iphone 4 in few days… as i do not have any problem waiting for it, which is the best option APPLE STORE or VODAFONE STORE? which is more convenient when it comes to warranty???

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