Milestone Winners and Also Winners

You’re all winners. I feel genuinely terrible having to pick just two winners from the amazing entries you guys put together. Top work all round, but there has to be only two. Actually, there are two I’ve chose to win, and one very honorable mention – I’ll dig something out of the prize cupboard to send to that runner up.

First winner is the Lego Milestone. I just giggled all the way through this video. It captures the gadget “unboxing” meme perfecly, with references to jokes like the iPhone reception issue. Then the exact weight just tops it off. Seriously, watch the whole thing:

And the second winner is this incredible model. I can’t imagine the time that went into it. I’ll forgive the scales because apparently they only measure in twos, but even if they don’t it’s so close as to be negligible. Top stuff!

And a couple of VERY honourable mentions. If I had more Milestones these guys would get one. There’s one thing that I think lets the first video down – the jump-cut before the blender is turned on. Fantastic video though, and yes I’ll dig something else out of the prize cupboard for this chap!

And look! Here’s a knitted, dissected rat, mounted on a corkboard, and weighed on an incredibly accurate scientific balance:

And here’s the rest of the entries – like I say you’re all awesome!

and a video.

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