Windows Phone 7 NZ Developer Training

Windows Phone 7New Zealand has a great history of mobile app development. iPhone development started way back in the jailbreak days, when local company PolarBearFarm developed the first video recording app for the original iPhone. I’d like to think we can tap the same potential for Windows Phone 7.

A bunch of local lads, including myself, will be conducting Windows Phone 7 developer training in Christchurch (15 June), Wellington (16 June) and Auckland (17 June). If you’re a developer with an interest in WP7 development, get yourself registered on the Marketplace and then register for the free event. If @nzigel is to be believed, we’ll even have some devices available for hands-on time!

Whether you’re coming or not, hit up the LinkedIn group we’ve set up.


  1. Well… I would sign up to the marketplace… but it appears to have javascript errors 🙁

  2. Just to clarify, is Marketplace registration a prerequsite?
    I’m planning to do it but preferably later.

    1. Hey Kevin, ask on Nigel’s blog too, but the short answer is yes.

      My experience with iPhone dev is that by registering for the App Store you reduce the friction required to get stuff out there. One less hurdle to leap over, and a massive motivation when you’re a couple of weeks away from finishing an app.

      If WP7 is even 20% as popular as iPhone, a half-decent app will easily earn back that $170 in the first few days after launch.

      1. The “Register Now” button causes a JavaScript error as people have already noted (“object required”) in IE8 and does nothing at all in Firefox. I’ve tried disabling popup blocking, to no effect.

        (For what it’s worth, one reason I’ve been delaying signing up for the marketplace is that I have no intention of using it for Windows Mobile, only WP7, so I’ll be wasting several months of membership before being able to actually use it).

        I just found an alternative signup link via the Windows Phone home page which works…I think I’ll need to get somebody to decipher the stuff about US taxation rules for me though, I don’t have a clue what I should be doing.

  3. “New Zealand has a great history of mobile app development. iPhone development started way back in the jailbreak days … “.

    And of course the iPhone is only one of the most recent kids off the block with mobile app development in New Zealand having a much much longer history than that! SimWorks began developing mobile apps for Symbian and Java ME devices in 2003, before the iPhone was even a sparkle in Steve Jobs eye.

  4. Just a comment for Kevin et al: if you need guidance with the W-8BEN forms etc. I’m happy to help. Went through the process with the iPhone app store. It’s convoluted, but having example forms (especially the bit on the W-8BEN about the tax treaty) is helpful.

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