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Congrats to Josie Campbell. Someone should be in touch with ticket info soon!

SMJ LogoWhat’s up my homebakers? If you’re up with the kids and down with the 411 on Social Media (with a captial S&M even), then you’re probably interested in the Social Media Junction conference happening this coming Monday (17th May).

The news is good! I have a free ticket to give away for Monday. Just think, you can kick with the New Zealand blogeratti: Russell, Mauricio, Bernard, Greer – and all those other A-list blogger first-name types. Heck, even New Zealand Twitter royalty like Paul (@vodafonenz) Brislen and Duncan (@orcon) Blair will be there to school you on twatterbleeping.

If you want to learn how to social your media, Social Media Junction is the place to be. Seriously.

Just reply below with the coolest thing you’ve done using Social Media, and I’ll select a random winner at 10:30am tomorrow (Friday).

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  1. We took our Lynx Instinct launch into the social marketing sphere. As well as driving guys to become a friend to our Instinct Bebo page, we also drove them down to check out the Lynx Cave Babes in person – to get sprayed with the great new fragrance, and also be into win win iPods and great prizes via uploading pics of them with the cave babes. Every guy that met the Lynx Cave Babes out and about was also given a rubber wrist band with our Bebo site address, to remind them to go online to upload a pic, become and friend, and let’s not forget play the specially created Lynx Instinct game.

  2. I would love to attend Social Media Junction.
    The coolest thing we have done on social media is to introduce #Kiwicount to Twitter. Arguably it was one of the biggest interactive events ever introduced on Twitter in New Zealand .
    There were over 500 tweets to the #Kiwicount account over the first 2 to 3 hours and activity on this account and it continued all day and well into the night .

    Simply #Kiwicount was designed to find out how many kiwis were on Twitter in New Zealand and around the world . In addition it was an opportunity to draw people to our company blog and in turn on to our web site.

    Kind regards Paul Harvey

  3. Kia ora,
    Nothing spectacular (yet), perhaps the rousing game of #WhoAmI led on twitter several times has been a highlight! In fact.. let’s have a game today. 12pm, be there.

    Thanks Ben!

  4. I so want to go to Social Media Junction unfortunately the budjet at work is a bit stretched at the moment and defnitely cant afford to pay for myself.

    The coolest thing (so far) that I have done on Social Media is getting people not using it coming up to me at networking things and asking are you that person on Twitter! They were actually kind of excited!

  5. Fairly pleased with being involved in designing and building and its associated twitblurb. And I had cornflakes for breakfast.

  6. PHDiQ went to the media awards last week and were astounded that there was no twitter hash tag set up for the event. So we set one up ourselves. While few people joined in on the night, we got lots of thank yous the next day from people who couldn’t be there but enjoyed following the results on the night. Overall though, a huge opportunity missed…..

  7. We have just launched our site and we love using social media to engage, amuse, and inform our growing audience. We are using social media to try and persuade kiwis that online dating with your friends help can be a fun experience!

    I am fairly new to Social Media and the best techniques to use but am learning more and more each day. I love it.

    P.S follow us on twitter http://twitter/datemymatenz

  8. We use and abuse social media heartily on – a daily motivational video site funded by NZ On Air

    Our vids are tweeted daily, uploaded onto facebook, vimeo, youtube, myspace (not so much anymore) and we also send a daily email (is this counted as social media?) We try to engage our audience as much as possible. We’ve also got some competitions coming up which will be based around twitter/fb/youtube.

    It’s fun! (and time consuming)

  9. Starting the Copper tumblr blog just last week is probably the best thing to date! Really want to use social media to connect with people in the marketing industry and share cool campaigns – we’ve started but want to learn more about how we can use social media to find, grow and retain an engaged online community.

  10. The coolest thing I have done on social media?…I’ve yet to do it!! That’s why I’d like to go to Social Media Junction so that I can learn all about it.

  11. The coolest thing has been meeting a great bunch of people each week for breakfast.

    We call ourselves #theusualsuspects, every Wednesday morning between 7-8.30am we are at Deus ex Machina on Wellesley Street – open invitation.

    You know how to find us….

  12. I’ve used social media to LEARN about social media…by following Mashable, Brian Solis, Campaign Hub, SocialMedia_NZ etc on Twitter. Would be great to learn more at SMJ too!

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