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This week I take a look at a few different gadgets to get your music pumping. If you want to mix up a storm like a pro DJ, or just work out to your music without losing your headphones, there’s a gadget here for you. Click below for video:

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Item: Vestax Spin DJ USB Controller
Price: $499
Rating: 4 / 5
Info: Fancy yourself as a bit of a DJ, but don’t want to spend thousands on turntables and mixers? The Vestax Spin controller from the guys at Mix Foundation might be your best starting point. Mixing is as easy as dragging a song onto one of the on-screen turntables, then controlling the music with the physical turntables and mixers – you can even scratch and back-spin! The Spin comes with a microphone so you can mix in your vocal stylings with the music.
Item: Logitech Squeezebox Boom
Price: $699 RRP
Rating: 5 / 5
Info: If your situation is anything like mine, you have a computer full of music in one room, and a stereo in another. This is where the Squeezebox fits in: connect it to your network (wired or wireless), and play your music where you want it. But not just your music: you can also access the world of internet radio, with local and international stations spanning the gamut of classical through to heavy metal. The Boom comes with integrated speakers and an alarm function.
Item: Halo Headphones
Price: $AU60
Rating: 3 / 5
Info: I’m not much of a gym bunny, but I’m presuming these Halo Headphones fill a gap. Do your headphones keep falling off, or perhaps they get all sweaty and horrible? The Halo headband has pockets to hold the fitted headphones so you can keep listening to your music while you work out. They are very comfortable, but lets be honest, they make me look like a bit of a plonker. I think they’d look a lot better if I were female and had long hair!

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