Qantas Media Awards Finalist? Who Me?

Best Blog NominationI believe it is standard practise to be humble in the face of praise. Moreso in this great country of ours. Therefore, if you’re a new visitor, I’ll ask you to cover your ears as I say: fuck that shit. I couldn’t be more proud of this little hobby site I started something close to 7 years ago.

Therein lies the first part of your introduction to this blog. I don’t taking cussing lightly, but where appropriate you will find various examples of my smelliest French Bleu. Secondarily, allow me to direct you to some of my “greatest hits” – those posts that I included in the Qantas entry, so you can acquaint yourself:

And of course, the sources of my in/aspriation:

  • My gorgeous wife and the two most brilliant children in the world.
  • Dad
  • Mum, who doesn’t have a website, because it would be too much awesome for the web to handle.
  • Jolisa
  • Gemma
  • Greg

So make yourself at home. Come back as you’d like, or hit up the RSS/Email subscription links over there on the sidebar.

And thank you. You guys are the reason I keep doing this. Give yourselves a hug.

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  1. Holy fucking shit! Er, sorry Mum, I mean, goodness gracious me! Well done young man. Make us proud.

  2. Nice work Ben! I used to look forward to Wednesdays for your gadget review on Breakfast, then I heard mentioned and knew I had to check it out. It’s been on my favourites list at work ever since, and never fails to keep me enthralled. Good luck with the awards!

  3. Hey Ben,

    I was surprised and pleased to see your name on the Finalists’ List (knowing you from a job offer once ;). Congratulations! I didn’t make it that far, though I did enter. Good luck with the final award decision.

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