Sony PlayTV finally coming to New Zealand?

Update: I am an idiot. They say a great way to generate responses is to publish something incorrect on the internet. Russell (and others) below manage to put one and one together and not get 3 like I did.

Most likely actual announcement would be TVNZ OnDemand on PS3. Which is still awesome.

playtv The planets appear to be aligning. PlayTV is a plugin TV receiver for the Sony PS3 that enables terrestrial digital TV reception and DVR functionality on your console.

New Zealand TV geeks have been asking about the possibility of getting Freeview on PlayTV since the original launch of PlayTV back in 2008. In the mean time, many are using imported PlayTV devices without EPG support.

If you put this blog post from Sony Europe (thanks @icogill for the scoop) together with an invite I have for a “Briefing session” from TVNZ and Sony next Tuesday, what do you think?

Check back on Tuesday and I’ll let you know what I find out.


  1. I’m picking it will be the announcement of TVNZ’s OnDemand integrated into the PS3. This was accidentally revealed last year but nothing ever eventuated.
    The PlayTV would be nice to get here but that blog post you linked to mentioned Facebook as one of the main new features… I can think of nothing worse than linking my TV viewing to Facebook…

  2. Does anyone know the difference between the PlayTV and Torne (Japanese PS3 dvr device)? From what I can tell, both look they they’re for DVB-T signals.

    I was sooooo looking forward to PlayTV, but recently moved to the lovely Waitakere Ranges where I can no longer get freeview’s terrestrial HD broadcast, bugger!

      1. We got Sky when we flatted in Bassett Road, Remuera, because we couldn’t get a signal from either Sky Tower or Waiatarua and continue to get it for that reason (and a few others!) now that we live two valleys over. Pretty central but no go :-\

      2. In Waima, just off Scenic Drive past Titirangi. Still plenty of elevation, it just faces the wrong way. Great view of the Manukau Harbour though, so no complaints really 🙂

  3. Yeah sorry but until Sony and Freeview sort out the stupid locked EPG I can’t see PlayTV being released here any time soon. Hope I’m proved wrong, but have given up waiting. TVNZ on demand integrated into the PS3 seems like a great idea.

    As mentioned above, if you want PlayTV then just go and buy it over the internet from UK/Auz. It works here fine apart from the lack of freeview supplied data to fill in the otherwise very well laid out EPG.

  4. hi

    can you help me with play TV

    I’m up and run on v1.00 (uk)
    89% signal strength the epg works only two hours head which i can live with.
    I have 16 TV channels and 3 Radio.

    No picture or sound just unsupported content
    location Rangiora North Canterbury

    any ideas

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