Datacom Devcamp 2010

Datacom logo small I love being an employee of Datacom New Zealand. If you have an idea and the means to get it done, you’ll get it done at Datacom. My idea was to get a bunch of our top developers together for a weekend unconference. I’ve found the means to get it done, so we’re going to do this on the first weekend in May.

Devcamp is modelled on KiwiFoo, but with a software focus. We’re inviting a few keen external software experts to mix it up a bit, and share in the mutual education. I’m hoping we’ll question and confirm a lot of what we do at Datacom, while the external parties will learn tons and get to know some of the team that build things like the GLS and popular internet banking platforms (among many others). Of course, like Foo, everything is under NDA unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

We still have a few spots open this week, so if you’re a keen dev-head and free on the 1st/2nd of May, get in touch!

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