Apple iPhone v4 Leaked

500x_iphone15 This story has developed quickly. Someone found a new-looking iPhone on the floor of a bar. Initial reaction was “this is a hoax”, then “this is maybe not a hoax”, and now: Gizmodo has paid (a rumoured $10k) for an exclusive look at the device, and determined it is the real deal.

Questions remain: is this an engineering prototype, or a final design? Gizmodo has some interesting points, including that one of the separate volume buttons could do double duty as a shutter button for the improved camera (with flash).

It will be intriguing to see Apple’s response to this unprecedented leak. I’m with Gruber:
[quote]Prediction: Apple’s response will either be (a) to grit its teeth and take this silently, or (b) full blast, all legal weaponry set to kill.[/quote]
The only reason they won’t go with (b) is if it was someone high up at Apple who lost the phone in the first place. Which raises* another question: what sort of person would even have this phone at this stage? Does Apple let non-employees walk around with unreleased models?

*Note 1: it does not “beg” a question. Only logical fallacies “beg the question“.


  1. I’m also with Gruber in thinking that this phone wasn’t ‘lost’ – that sounds highly unlikely. A more plausible explanation is that the phone was stolen, which may also mean that Apple will go with option (b).

  2. Android has been really cutting into iPhone sales over the last quarter in the U.S. And just this week there is a whole lot of buzz in the U.S. around the Verizon ‘Incredible’ Android fro HTC.

    But that buzz is getting diluted by this iPhone 4th gen malarky…accidentally/on-purpose ‘lost’?

  3. @ stuartm… Maybe not that unlikely – ‘Lost’ on purpose, maybe. But they’ve got to test their products in the wild at some point and humans being human mean mistakes happen. Who knows, but whatever the truth of the leak, I’m nearly out of my 2 year 3g contract and it’s nice to see this – I had been veering towards a windows 7 phone; they look so slick.

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