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  1. I’ve seen a few ANZAC day sales around, the usual suspects – Briscoes, Farmers etc. (Farmers also had a holiday sale last weekend, beats me what the holiday was!) but this one does seem particularly awful. It’s more the imagery around the ad than the reason for the sale. The use of poppies and soldiers etc. – given what they represent – is inappropriate. The Canadians should have done a little more research before putting sending this out, clearly they didn’t consult a NZer at any point! I actually love the whole design, it’s been very well put together, it’s just a shame they overlaid the sale info and emailed it around advertising glasses and contacts, it would be much more appropriate as a book cover or advertising for an actual ANZAC event.

  2. Yes. I assume it was primarily for their Aussie site and we got lumped in with it. Quite clever cropping used on the flag.

    But it looks like they heard the feedback, all references to ANZAC have been removed and there was a tweet from them along those lines.

    So, time to take advantage of the newly named “72 Hours Sale”. Funnily enough I had been considering getting some glasses from them anyway!

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