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I’m not a crafter. In fact, if there is a direct opposite to a crafter, then mark me down for that category. Yet I can appreciate the gadgetry involved. I’ve made my love for sewing machines well known, and today I got the chance to check out some of the smaller trinkets involved in the pastime. A huge thanks to The Ribbon Rose, a craft shop in Ellerslie that I’m told is the bomb. Or whatever term craft-types use to say “really good”.

Click the image below for the video:

Item: Clover Felting Needle Tool and Mat
Price: Needle Tool $43.90 and Mat $27.90
Rating: 5 / 5
Info: This tool is amazingly addictive and therapeutic. By just stabbing the felt, the felting tool’s five barbed needles that catch the wool roving fibers and push them into the bottom of the fabric. The wool roving fibers stay permanently without using glue or sewing it. The tool comes with a clear lock cover for safety and storage.
Item: Bias Tape Maker
Price: Variety of sizes for bias tape makers and fusible bias tape makers, priced from $14.40 to $26.00
Rating: 4 / 5
Info: It’s hard to find the right tape for every edge. With this bias tape maker, you can make your own bias tape and never worry about searching for a perfect match. Just pass the fabric through the tape maker and iron.
Item: Clover Slash Cutter
Price: $38.90
Rating: 4 / 5
Info: The perfect tool for creating curves and very narrow slash quilting. Make clean cuts between curved seams and narrow seams. Cutting between stitching lines becomes a breeze without any threat of cutting through the base fabric!
Item: Clover Pom-pom Maker
Price: $17.50 for pack of two sizes
Rating: 3 / 5
Info: Great for kids and adults – making pompoms is a breeze with these tools. Just wind the yarn around the device, cut along the join, and tie the centre. Yes you could do the same thing with a couple of bits of cardboard, but the cheap price makes this re-usable pompom maker a steal.

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