Kiwi Apple Reseller Confirms March Tablet Release

It’s all a bit third-party, but we have a tweet from a fellow New Zealander who states that a local Apple reseller has “confirmed” a March release date for an Apple tablet:
[quote]A apple reseller in new Zealand has confimed a march realise date for the tablet !!!!!!!! More info in a weeks time to follow[/quote]
We only have a couple of Apple resellers in New Zealand, with MagnumMac being the most visible.

The cynic in me says this is just a local employee parotting what has already been speculated by the Wall St Journal. Why would a Kiwi reseller have any more information than any other resellers worldwide? The alternative view is that someone has royally screwed up by breaking a non-disclosure agreement. Let’s run with the latter explanation, it’s much more exciting.

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  1. Besides, the tweet states a ‘realise’ date, not a release date, ‘A apple’ not ‘An Apple’, ‘new Zealand’, not ‘New Zealand’, and exclamation marks that have gone postal. Who could ever take this tweet seriously?

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