Apple Event Official: 27th January

By the looks of the invitation, I’m guessing it’ll be called the iPalette and will have a thumb hole in the side to make it easier to hold.

The event is booked for 10am Pacific time on the 27th, which WolframAlpha¬†incorrectly tells me is 6am NZDT on the 28th (it’s actually 7am NZDT). I’ll be tracking it live, and doing my damndest to get my hands on a review version of whatever is announced.

Apple Event Invite

Of course I will laugh my head off when it turns out to just be multi-coloured iPhones or something like that.


  1. You know what would be really cool for the iSlate. ArtRage…

    Remeber the hype they got when MS announced XP-Tablet editon?

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