Vodafone Launches MiFi Portable WiFi Hotspot

MiFi 2352 VodafonePortable WiFi hotspots that use 3G data connections are not new, but have previously been fairly niche devices. If you’re a road warrior or a frequent conference attendee, these things are a godsend. Switch them on, and they supply a shared 3G connection to a bunch of devices over WiFi. Infinitely more useful than a standard broadband USB modem.

Vodafone NZ have announced availability of a Vodafone-branded and supported MiFi 2352 for $499, or $299 if you buy it with a 1GB data plan (which I presume is their Broadband Everyday plan for $50/mth)

I’m hoping to grab a review model, so check back later for more details.

Full press release follows:
[quote]Vodafone takes mobile broadband to the next level with the launch of its MiFi mobile broadband hotspot.

The MiFi allows up to five wi-fi users to connect simultaneously to the internet using Vodafone’s world class 3G broadband service.

Customers will be able to take that brainstorming meeting to the café and share one connection on multiple laptops. Mobile gamers will be able to set up a LAN and play wirelessly. The MiFi even allows you to share documents stored on its MicroSD card (up to 16GB) and set access levels as you see fit.

Weighing in at only 100g it’s smaller than most cellphones and not much larger than a credit card. Battery powered, the MiFi will last up to four hours of continuous use before needing to be recharged making it a truly portable solution.

Vodafone’s GM of Products Pricing and Internet Kursten Shalfoon says Vodafone’s MiFi opens up the floodgates to a new world of mobility.

“Whether you want to work collaboratively on a project or just need to have multiple devices connecting together while you’re out and about, the MiFi gives you the best of Vodafone’s 3G broadband connection and combines it with all the benefits of wi-fi to deliver a great product.”

The MiFi is on sale from today exclusively through the Vodafone online store at an RRP of $499. Customers who buy the MiFi with a 1GB data plan get it at the discounted rate of $299.[/quote]

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