Merry Christmas To You

Full entry details are now live over here!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love you guys. This site is a hobby and a labour of love, but it’s made so much better by the fact that all three of you read it frequently.

I’ve been thinking about how to thank you for sticking with me over the past few years, and I’ve come up with a plan. It goes a little something like this:

  1. On Monday (14th December 2009), there will be an entry form on this site.
  2. You enter the competition to win one of a bunch of different prizes. Some are below, others to be revealed later.
  3. The draw will happen on Christmas eve, live on Ustream.
  4. If you’re watching the live draw and get selected, you get to pick your prize!
  5. There’ll be a couple of prizes dedicated to live viewers.

How does that sound?

Get involved and tell me in the comments below which prizes you think should be dedicated to the live draw, and which should go in the general pot.

As a taster, the current (and growing) prize pile includes:

Of course I have to thank the lovely consumer products people that enable me to do this stuff:

vodafone-logo-vbig Orcon LogoMicrosoft logo Xbox360Logo iwantthat logo
Finally, if you’re a tech company have something you want to add to the prize pool, feel free to get in touch. There’s plenty of space up there for a logo.


  1. Crikey! Did Santa’s sack split open during a fly-by or something?! What a haul — careful you don’t end up with a random cat (or baby) in the prize pool…

  2. @gredge
    I know! It’s epic. And that’s just the start. It’s going to be hard to give away those Sidewinders. Better be some hardcore gamers in the prize draw.

  3. New news: Sony are playing Santa and want to add:

    PlayStation Portable
    2 x LittleBigPlanet
    2 x Gran Turismo

    PlayStation 2
    2 x MotorStorm Arctic Edge

    PlayStation 3
    2x Uncharted 2
    2 x Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time
    2 x SingStar Motown

  4. Excellent – great to see so many companies throwing goods in the pot. I’ll be entering and watching on Christmas Eve 🙂

  5. It’s awesome that so many companies are getting into the spirit. However, unusually for giveaways on your site, there’s actually nothing in the pot that I want. Yet. 🙂

  6. Merry christmas to you and all your readers, I think the sidewinder gear should go in the live draw, all true geeks will be glued to the screen on christmas eve and they’ll really appreciate that….

  7. Yeah, I second that the Sidewinders go on the live draw (although I won’t be able to watch ’cause I’ll be in WAIUKU for Christmas Eve & Day)


  8. Nice one 🙂 I will watch the live draw – great idea. My choice for live draw would be the headset – since the ban on phone use in car it seems that is the only time it ever rings!

  9. @Ben Digital cameras, media players, actual XBoxes or PS3s, rather than just games (which I obviously can’t use). Apple products would be good, like iPod Touches (good luck with that 🙂 ). Vodafone account credit.


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