How to use my content in other places

Update: I have changed my license to a “non-commercial” license. But of course just as the CC license says, you can have any conditions waived simply by contacting me.

I love the internet. It’s all about creating and sharing content. I’m more than happy for you to re-use my work on your own site, or perhaps “remix” my work (hey, we can all use editing help). There is one caveat: you must attribute the original source to me, preferably by linking to my site.

This is all outlined clearly by my Creative Commons license, linked at the bottom of all of my pages.

What not to do

If you want an example of what not to do, you can use, a site owned (I presume) by Flip Video (and therefore Cisco). They have lifted one of my reviews in its entirety and pasted it on their site. Perhaps surprisingly, this is not actually against the terms of my license. Where they have failed abysmally is they have given no attribution whatsoever. There is nothing on the page that suggests the content was created by anyone other than Flip themselves.

If you have a poor moral compass and need additional reasons to not steal content, it might pay to see the buzz generated by this within social media circles inside a couple of hours. Flip Video has an open social media strategy, so it’s easy to post on their Facebook wall, for example. A search for “flipnz” on Twitter also uncovers a couple of choice comments.

The sad thing is, it would have taken all of about 10 seconds to provide an attribution link on the original page. I wonder how much time Flip Video and their PR company will spend dealing with this today?

I’m not going to grace Flip or Cisco with a link, but the evidence is in the image below. I’m sure you can find the site while it’s still up.

This not cool.

How to use my content

It’s pretty damn easy. Use my content, but make sure you attribute.

Obviously, it would be lovely if you’d like to pay me to use my work (for example in print), but this is not strictly required. I do reserve the right to switch to a “non-commercial” usage license in future, but of course that is not to a

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  1. Great post, and shame on Flip for stealing your content without crediting you. That’s pretty silly of them – reminds me of “kids today” letting Google write their papers for them.

    By the way, it’s “retroactive” not “retrospective”. 🙂

  2. Bit of a blunder on their part, its hard to imagine the thought process in a copying and pasting, my guess would be the site is designed on WebContentMangement system – so therefore the person uploading the content is very low on the food chain / skill level ( i have worked with companies where updating the web is left up to the receptionist when she wasn’t answering phones) and didnt know any better. Anyway i still think the device is nifty and bought one today at Noel Leemings in St Lukes who have them on Managers Special $50 off – for 299.

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