Have a Wonderful Holiday


It’s completely cliché to say 2009 has been an incredible year, but I’m saying it with sincerity. Thank you for your kind patronage. Your comments and posts have been enlightening, and I’ve genuinely enjoyed writing stuff for you.

After tomorrow night’s live draw (yes, there’s still time to enter), I’ll be signing off and heading to the beach for a week. Yes sorry, that means winners won’t get their prizes until the new year, but I hope you can allow me some lee-way.

There is one small thing you can do for me during the break. Click that banner up at the top of the page and make a small donation. If you’ve never had an encounter with hospice care (like me before August), you really can’t possibly imagine the depth of their compassion and the simply stunning job they do. They helped our family immensely, and lent amazing dignity to Dad‘s passing.

Thanks again. Merry Christmas. Go and hug your family for me.

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