Video: Fishing Gadgets

On Wednesday morning we covered a few geeky fishing gadgets on TVNZ Breakfast. Full details are below. Feel free to ask any questions or post comments. Click the image to watch the video:

Video Fishing Gadgets

Item: Shimano Dendou Maru Electric Reel
Price: $1199
Rating: 3 / 5
Info: If you’re into super-deep water fishing, looking for deepwater ooglies like gemfish, hapuka, groper and cod, you probably spend a lot of your time winding in smaller fish or just your big heavy sinker. The Shimano Dendou Maru takes the effort out of winding in. Plug it into a 12V battery and it will reel in 150m of line in 60 seconds. Of course it also has that normal Shimano build quality and a grunty 15kg drag.
Or: you could just be a lazy latte-sipping fisherman who wants a cool techie fishing reel!
Item: Raymarine Lifetag Wireless Man Overboard System
Price: $949 for two tags and interface, fitted to a plotter starting from $1600
Rating: 5 / 5
Info: LifeTag monitors up to 16 tagged crew members ensuring they are safe and sound onboard. Each LifeTag pendant broadcasts a unique identification code back to the LifeTag base station, telling it that its wearer is “safe.” In the event of man overboard, the link between the victim’s pendant and the LifeTag base station is broken and the alarm is raised automatically onboard the boat.
When fitted to a compatible GPS chart plotter, the LifeTag will trigger the plotter to mark the position of the man overboard, so you can return to the spot to pick them up.
Item: Modern softbaits/lures
Price: $10+
Rating: 5 / 5
Info: Not a gadget? Check out the technology and research that has gone into perfecting these baits. The need to be bendable, but not break when trawled over long distances, and they need to move like real bait fish. The latest generation of soft lures are amazing. If you’re still messing around with stinky frozen and fresh bait, you need to check these out.

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