Telecom XT Tethering on iPhone 3.1.2

blackrainSince firmware version 3.1, iPhone users on Telecom’s XT network have been unable to use their iPhones as a tethered PC modem.

Geohot has now released his latest jailbreak and unlock – BlackRa1n – for iPhone 3.1.2. The difference with this against all prior 3.x hacks is that it unlocks the iPhone’s baseband, meaning the user has full control over all network and data settings. In theory at least, this would mean tethering can be enabled on the Telecom XT network.

Is anyone out there brave enough to try this?


  1. I have tethering working with the latest firmware on my jailbroken iPhone on the XT network. I used the iPhone Dev Team jailbreak method as many people said that was the one to use. I then used some crazy hack to patch a binary file on the iPhone to re-enabling tethering. There’s more info on the iPhonewzealand site.

  2. I’ve got it working with the same hacks at Stuart. I’m not sure this new unlock will change the signed-carrier-profile-only issue that means XT users are unable to setup tethering. Will be interested to hear otherwise.

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