Christmas Gadget Gifts: Radio Control

As promised, here’s the second in my series of 2009 Christmas present primers.

Who doesn’t like radio controlled gadgets? With a controller in hand, you can become a racing driver, a helicopter pilot, or even a submariner; all in the comfort of your own lounge.

Below I’ve listed a few of my favourite RC gadgets from 2009, right across the range. Feel free to post questions or comments if you’re stuck on the Christmas present front.

RC Car Gifts

Losi Micro-T Stadium Truck

1/36 Micro-T Stadium Truck RTR - Losi

Why? Become a dirt racing legend in your own kitchen with this cute-but-serious tiny truck. Made by the same guys that make serious world-beating RC race cars, the Micro-T includes independent suspension and a differential in a palm-sized race car.

Set up some jumps in the hallway and go crazy!

RRP: $175
Stockists: Online or in person from RC Bandit
Kyosho DRT Nitro Truck

DRT 4WD Desert Truck - Kyosho

Why? If you have an RC nut in the family who hasn’t driven an off-road nitro RC car, then they haven’t lived.

These beasties go incredibly fast, and are a huge thrill to drive. Something like the Kyosho DRT would be a good entry-level model. Warning: these things are addictive, and you can go wild and spend thousands of dollars if you get into the racing scene.

RRP: $699
Stockists: Online or in person from RC Bandit

RC Helicopter Gifts

E-Flight Blade MCX blademcx
Why? I reviewed this tiny helicopter a few weeks ago, and fell in love with it. More stable than larger coaxial choppers, the Blade MCX is a blast to fly and easy enough to be operated by anyone who has used an RC car before.

It’s perfectly capable of flying in a lounge, but you might find it more fun to try flying into each room in the house. It won’t handle any wind, so outdoor flying is not an option.

You can read my original review over here.

RRP: $209
Stockists: Online or in person from RC Bandit

RC Plane Gifts

Parkzone Mustang P-52D Ready to Fly MUSTANG P-51D Ready to Fly - Parkzone
Why? Until recently, if you wanted to fly powered RC planes, you’d need to spend thousands on models and equipment, and join a club. These days, you can pick up a ready-to-fly model like this brilliant looking Mustang and have a crack at flying within minutes.

Having said that, you might find a club is useful to teach you the basics and save a few dollars in glue and parts after crashes.

RRP: $429
Stockists: Online or in person from RC Bandit

Other RC Gifts

RC Mini Submarine (and other vehicles) 2 Channel Remote Radio Control RC Submarine RTG SUB Boat 8836
Why? Do you sometimes get bored in the bath and wish you had a radio controlled submarine? Great! It’s not just me.

I wrote an article this year about cheap Chinese RC gadgets in a general sense, and this sub was one of the items I reviewed. Take a look at my original article for a bunch of cheap gadget ideas.

RRP: US$18 + shipping
Stockists: BudgetGadgets

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