Paid Applications Finally Available on NZ Android Market

Free applications from the Android Market have been available since at least day one of the HTC Magic release in New Zealand. Apparently local currency conversion has stopped paid applications up until now.

Today, our dedicated Android forum member, Rob, has just posted a note saying that paid apps quietly appeared last night. I guess the currency issue has been resolved. You can check out some of the top-selling paid applications on the Anroid Market here.

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  1. One thing that is still lacking is search capability on the actual Market website.

    Fortunately you can go to Androlib, who provide a full indexed search.

    First install the free barcode scanner app on your phone, then go to Androlib on your PC or laptop.

    Find the app you want, and then just use the barcode scanner app on your phone to fire up the market and take you straight to it. 🙂

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