NZ TiVo Coming with CASPA November 6th

Hybrid TV have announced the launch date and details for Tivo in New Zealand. Coming on the 6th of November 2009 the device adds “CASPA™ On-Demand” content along with Freeview recording. The catch is you can only get CASPA content if you are a Telecom broadband user.

I’ll watch from the sidelines to see how this plays out. If we start getting access to more recent episodes of international shows via CASPA, I might actually hop on the bandwagon. It’s difficult to see how TVNZ would go there, but perhaps it’s a legitimate transition from their flagging FTA advertising?

Full media release follows:
[quote]Auckland, NEW ZEALAND, 29 October 2009 – Hybrid Television Services (ANZ) Pty Limited, the exclusive licensee of TiVo® in New Zealand and Australia, today announced that the highly anticipated TiVo brand will reveal its new product and on-demand service for New Zealanders before any other country.

TiVo is the world’s most popular media device, giving viewers recording control and playback choice in one famously user-friendly interface. In addition to the TiVo device providing control of free-to-air digital terrestrial television (Freeview|HD compatible), the all-new broadband portal, CASPA™ On-Demand, will have its international debut in New Zealand.

CASPA On-Demand is a world of broadband entertainment including new release movies, hit TV shows for the whole family as well as music videos and concerts. As TiVo is not a subscription service customers can “pay-as-they-use” for CASPA instead of paying monthly fees for shows they do not watch. The broadband content on CASPA is provided as pay-per-view, advertiser funded or free of charge.

The New Zealand launch bundle, sold exclusively through Telecom from November 6, comprises a TiVo 320 Media Device and the Home Networking Package, which enables the customer to transfer TV recordings from their TiVo to their PC or portable device (i.e. PSP or iTouch), as well as view home movies, pictures and listen to their music on the TV.

“TiVo will provide the very best of broadband entertainment and allow Kiwis the freedom to enjoy top-rated movies on the television without impacting their monthly broadband data allowance,” said Ralph Brayham, Telecom director of home services.

“We are absolutely thrilled to premiere this new offering to New Zealanders. With the proliferation of digital free-to-air channels, New Zealanders should have more choice than ever before in how they view, pay for and enjoy their TV,” said Robbee Minicola, CEO of Hybrid TV.

“A key factor in our decision to obtain the licence rights for TiVo in these two countries was to enable broadband features on the television versus the computer. We knew that TiVo was the leader in controlling live television with its award winning features like Season Pass™ recordings and WishList™ searches but we sought to exploit broadband to take the product to the next level. We have achieved that with the CASPA On-Demand service.

“The relationship with Telecom ensures its broadband customers who use the CASPA service will not experience any impact on their monthly broadband data allowance. This is a significant benefit to consumers and explains why only Telecom broadband customers have access to CASPA On-Demand. New Zealanders who are not with Telecom for their broadband can still enjoy the TiVo product but will not have access to CASPA,” said Ms Minicola.[/quote]

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