Video: Bluetooth Hands Free Reviews

Here’s the video from this morning’s segment on TVNZ Breakfast. Click here to enter the competition. Entries close Sunday night (20th September 2009)

TVNZ Bluetooth Handsfree ReviewAs always, the review on Breakfast is horribly rushed (and of course Paul was as, err… helpful as ever). So, it might pay to check out my more in-depth reviews of three of the items here:

If you want to view any of the previous reviews on Breakfast, go check out the Videos page. You’ve also got until Sunday night to enter to win three of these gadgets. Almost $1500 worth of prizes!

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  1. i love to have 1 of your gps i saw you on the breakfast show in the morning talking to paul henry so yea my name is rekha

  2. Were is the competition gone. I saw it yesterday but did not have time to fill it in. I came here to do it now and I can’t find it. Is it finished?

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