Rocking the Press Pass at Tech.Ed NZ

Tech Ed OpeningIt’s all Microsoft, all the time on at the moment. Last week it was a week of brain-bending SharePoint training with Steve Smith from Combined Knowledge. This week I’m working with Mauricio from Geekzone on the Unnoficial Tech.Ed Blog.

We’re recording videos with some key people at Tech.Ed, and will be uploading them over the coming days. Personally I’m chatting to Loke Uei Tan from the Windows Mobile team; Solution architect and Enterprise Library maven Tom Hollander; and local Xero hero Kirk Jackson.

The most interesting bit so far has been chatting to Loke Uei about the impending Windows Mobile Marketplace. There’s no avoiding the obvious comparisons with the iTunes App store, but Microsoft appear to be getting off on the right foot by publishing all of their content and application policy guidelines from the outset. This will hopefully avert the issue where developers create applications, only to have them rejected at the review stage.

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