WIN: Navman, Bluetooth Hands Free Giveaway

Apologies for the web server issues earlier. The wonderful guys at SiteHost have solved my problem and everything should be swimming along now. If you had any trouble entering, try again just in case – I’ll manually remove duplicates.

You saw the reviews on TVNZ Breakfast, now you can have the products. Each of these devices will let you use your Bluetooth phone hands-free in your car, saving you from breaking the law come November.

You can enter once for the entire draw, and three separate winners will be drawn.

Yep, that’s almost $1,500 worth of prizes. Don’t say I don’t love you guys.

Entries are now closed. Here are the results. If you’re a winner, you should have an email now.


  • One entry per person.
  • Entries only valid using the entry form above.
  • Entries limited to New Zealand residents only (sorry guys, the postage will kill me).
  • The items are brand new, but may have been opened and reviewed for this website and TVNZ.
  • Entries close Sunday¬†20 September 2009 at 8:00pm (NZ time).
  • Winners will be contacted by email.

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  1. Great job Ben this morning, ashame about the interruptions but you handled it well. I’ll read more about you as I’m interested in the reviews you are doing. Good quality free reviews are hard to find.

  2. very informative interview with paul the spudd. Paul looks like a cartoon character from when i was young, but can't remember his name, maybe someone can enlighten me.

    Big ups Ben thanks.

  3. thought your brekkie reviews very informative have been looking for both navman and hands free thanks.

  4. Hi Ben – interested in your commets on hands free stuff – i purchased a blue tooth – blue ant car kit from dick smiths in Christchurch $199.00. it works well and is clear to listen to, i don’t know if you have had a chance to check it out or not but from me i am happy with it.

    would like to get some feedback from anyone who has one and see how they find it. ??

    thnks again.

  5. Love your info, I might be one of the golden oldies, but like to keep up with my young family. Thanks heaps Ben.

  6. Hi Ben – I to am a bit older but am very interested in keeping up with to days technology, got show this morning.

    Thanks Jim.

  7. Re the Blue Ant unit…my other half has a Blue Ant Supertooth 3 and has had big problems with it dropping the connection and poor sound quality, especially when outof main cities. Not sure if it is faulty or not but have just had a talk to an autoelectical nut who recomends the Parrot brand, so if I don’t win the draw we will probably buy one of those! Re Paul and cartoon character did you mean Mr Magoo??

  8. cheers for the info on the wireless car kits really need to get one befor the law change it helped out alot.

    cheers jason

  9. hey Ben love your reviews on breaky…. I will read all of your reviews before I purchase one for my self and I will recomend your website to my boss he will have to install hands free kits into the trucks as well…or no more cell calls at work that could be a bonus… hastle free work day take care Glenda

  10. Anybody had a hands free kit installed in a heavy truck and working well? I am having trouble with sound quality at the call receivers end. I think it may be due to the extra cab noise in a larger truck as opposed to a car.

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