Apple’s iPod Update


Overall, if you were expecting something huge from Apple’s “Only Rock and Roll” event, you’re going to be disappointed. The biggest shock was FM radio in the new iPod Nano. Even the video camera in the device had been widely telegraphed, and the lack of video in the iPod Touch is something of a disappointment.

So rounding it all up:

  • iTunes 9 with improved Genius (including Genius for Apps) and finally App organisation (you can arrange which screens apps will appear on before syncing to your iPhone or iPod Touch).
  • iTunes LPs – single download (note: not this single-file format we’ve been hearing about), including photos, video, liner notes, lyrics.
  • iPod Touch 8GB gets a price drop to NZ$349, and we get speedier 32GB and 64GB models for $519 and $699. Bear in mind you won’t get OpenGL|ES 2.0 on the $199 model, so we’ll see some game compatibility issues cropping up there I think.
  • More games – notably Madden from EA and Assassin’s Creed.
  • iPod Classic gets a capacity bump to 160GB for NZ$429
  • iPod Shuffle gets colours at the standard $99 price, and a new “special edition” 4GB model for $129.
  • iPod Nano is the biggest change-up, with video camera (640×480 resolution, so there’s no way it’s competing with the Flip-type HD cameras), and FM Radio (!). NZ$259 for the 8GB, and $318 for the 16GB models.

And that’s it. No tablet. No Apple LCD TV. Just an incremental bump in iPod lineup. All of which are available as of now from the NZ Apple Store with 24hr delivery.

And I know we’re not supposed to talk about it, but Steve Jobs was back, and looking anorexic. The guy is sick. More power to him, and I’ve known other people who have opted to “die with their boots on” rather than go out with a whimper.

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