Tech.Ed and Auckland .NET Code Camp 2009

You may or may not know that my day job involves bitwrangling for Datacom, using Microsoft development platforms (yes yes evil empire yadda yadda – give me a break). As such, I’m excited that Tech.Ed New Zealand is a mere two weeks away. Tech.Ed is the 3-day conference where Microsoft developers (developers! developers!) and systems people get the low-down on the latest development tools and techniques.

Yes I know, among the gems lie some turds (“Look! Here’s how you can convince customers to spend MORE money on MORE Microsoft licenses (that they may or may not need)!”), but quite frankly that comes with the territory. You learn to pick the good sessions. Besides, every good developer knows the warm fuzzy feeling from a well-implemented system completely obliterates any debate about license cost vs FOSS. Just look at TradeMe and Xero. Do you care that they aren’t LAMP sites?

TCode Camp Logohere’s more to come on the Tech.Ed front – myself and Mauricio will be blogging and vlogging from the show floor.

And then there’s Code Camp. Even if you aren’t attending Tech.Ed, if you’re a developer you should get yourself to Code Camp on the Sunday. It’s free for everyone, not just Tech.Ed attendees. You can sign up here, and session details are here.

I’d be at code camp with bells on if it weren’t for a certain wee 2-week old girl.

Disclaimer: Datacom are gold sponsors for Code Camp.

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