Voltaic and SolarHabit Response to Generator Review

A few days ago I reviewed the Generator laptop bag from Voltaic. I was not too happy about their claims regarding the bag’s ability to charge a laptop. They have responded with information that they are sourcing a more powerful battery pack, along with some further info. Basically it boils down to this:


Voltaic strongly recommends that all interested parties check with Voltaic or Solar Habit first make sure their laptop will charge with the bag.


More interestingly, the local supplier, SolarHabit have dropped the price to NZ$799 to allow for the new battery pack, and are also now planning to include a Magsafe adapter with each bag sold.


As the new battery will ultimately add to the cost of bag for some users, we have negotiated with Voltaic to enable us to drop the price of the Generator to $799 (this price includes the MagSafe adaptor).  This price drop will take effect 1st July.

Also, after reading some of the comments on your site, we have decided to include the MagSafe adaptor free with every bag that is sold.  Voltaic is currently out of stock (this is why it is not showing on our site) but as soon as they arrive, along with including them free, we will also be sending them to everyone who has already purchased a bag.


This is great news. It makes the bag better value for those that can afford it. Just remember to check carefully if your laptop is compatible to avoid disappointment.

To help, Voltaic have the included following list of laptops that are compatible with the current battery pack. More laptops will be compatible if and when they can source a pack that does increased current.


Computer Charging:  Best with efficient laptops <15”

  • Apple: All , with optional adapter. Pro +1hr run time, Air+4hrs.
  • Acer: Aspire One
  • Asus: 13”-15” models, but not EEE models
  • Dell: Inspiron, XPS, Latitude, not Mini.
  • Fujistu: U and P Series
  • Gateway: UC, T, M, and MD series.
  • HP: Mini,  Touch Smart, Pavilion DV2 and DV3
  • Lenovo: Thinkpad X and T series
  • Sony:  TT and TZ series , not SR series.
  • Panasonic: Toughbook


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