Vodafone NZ HTC Magic Pulled from Market?

Update: NBR have backtracked on their original report that “supply issues” were the reason for the withdrawal. They are now reporting “commercial issues”.

Update: Computerworld picks up the story, with a quote from Vodafone that “Google is having a little problem”.

As of writing, the HTC Magic is nowhere to be found on Vodafone NZ’s website. After a big launch party, it seems peculiar that Vodadone would withdraw it, but this seems to be the case.

I’m guessing, but I did wonder about the Google logo on the bodypainted woman… will update when I know more.

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  1. Not only from the website, it’s gone from the stores as well.

    The nice lady at a local mall could only say that it had been pulled nationwide on Tuesday night and they didn’t know why.

    Paul B. on the VF forum will only say that it is a ‘small issue’ that is not of a technical nature.

    Here’s a conspiracy theory for you…maybe the boys from Cupertino have threatened VF that they will give the ‘other’ smart phone to the evil empire if VF make too much noise about a competitor’s product (especially one that is actually better suited to the VF network from a Radio PoV) a week before the big launch of their product. 😀

  2. Seriously, this does appear to be a branding issue, as all overt public advertising for the Magic has been pulled.

  3. Nice, I’m guessing its going to be something tiny no doubt rather than a huge issue 😀
    Why would they ask you to take down pics of their party i wonder? model release forms? They can hardly ban phones at a vodafone party can they now

  4. Glad I my HTC magic two days prior to the launch from Vodafone, I called VF and was told the product is still vaild and supported by them. I say Apple are not happy with the Magics release so close to the 3S release date.

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