Video: Eco Gadgets

A rundown of the items from TVNZ Breakfast this morning. Click the image below to see the video.

Video Eco Gadgets

Item: Hotteeze Heat Pads
Price:Various (body pads are $24 for 10).
Rating: 4  /  5
Info: Through the power of chemistry, these heat pads magically heat up to 50 degrees when you open the packet. Stick them in your pockets or in your shoes and you’ll be toasty all day long. No batteries required! Plus, once they’ve done the job, the contents are inert and biodegradable. You can even use it as a soil conditioner.

Item: Voltaic Generator Laptop Bag
Price: $799
Rating: 2 / 5
Info: The Generator promises big things, but you need to check very carefully if it is compatible with your laptop. It’s perfectly fine for charging all your phones and gadgets, but doesn’t do such a stellar job of charging laptops. It’s a very well built bag however.

Item: TrickleStar TV TrickleSaver
Price: $149 (TBC)
Rating: 5 / 5
Info: Kill power vampires with the TV TrickleSaver. All those devices under your TV draw power, even when they appear to be turned off. The TrickleSaver monitors your power point and will switch the devices off when the TV is turned off, and back on again as soon as it detects that the TV is on. Super simple, this device will pay itself off in a few months if you have some big power vampires like surround sound amps and video game consoles.

Item: STIHL MS181CBE Chainsaw
Price: $745
Rating: 4 / 5
Info: It might surprise you to hear that New Zealand doesn’t have emission standards for chainsaws and other small engines. Despite this, STIHL are introducing ecologically sensitive chainsaws (not an oxymoron), developed by their German designers. This one in particular puts out 70% less emissions than previous models, and is also user friendly with 30% less vibrations. So, go save the planet while you cut down some trees!

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