LG HFB-500 Solar Bluetooth Carkit

Update: the retail price will be NZ$199, and it will be available from Orb, Telecom and DS Wireless

LG_HFB500I can’t remember who it was, but an engineer talking about energy efficiency said recently “if you’re building something that will be in the sun – a pump, or a telephone exchange, or anything – it better damn well have solar panels on it.”

The windshield of your car is one such place that gets basically endless sunlight. LG have taken advantage of this with their solar-charging HFB-500 bluetooth handsfree kit. It comes with a transparent suction-cup holder so you can stick it on the windshield in a convenient place. I’ve used it for a couple of calls a day for a week, and have never once plugged it in. It just charges magically.

Compared with other bluetooth car kits I’ve tried, and the integrated kits in most GPS recievers, the HFB-500 is damn good. It just works. The speaker is nice and loud, and callers have reported a decent clear call from the other end. And this is coming from my noisy, old Nissan Sunny, cracking along at 100km/h on the motorway.

The controls are simple. One big button for call and hangup (and hold for voicedial if your phone supports it). One button on either side for volume control, and one button for power and pairing. Absolutely no issues pairing with my iPhone, and no issues with disconnection/reconnection when I come to and from the car.

The tech details:

  • Solar charging
  • Bluetooth Version 2.1
  • Multi Connection
  • Easy pairing
  • Noise Reduction
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Talk/Standby 15.5 hrs / 1.000 hrs
  • Speaker 36? / 1W (Normal)
  • Solar Charging 24mAh
  • Mute, Un-mute Function
  • Auto reconnect
  • Last Number Redial

I’m not sure of the price in New Zealand yet, but it retails for about US$80. Check out the importer’s site here.


  1. Astroturf comment removed. I’ve had a good explanation from Atlas Gentech. I completely understand eager staff, and I’ve been known to evangelise my own employer at times, but always with full disclosure.

    Despite this, I stand by my review of the product. It works bloody well.


  2. That was poetry… a lesson for those who would write punny (sic) comments with a couple of kids climbing over them…

    Yes it was meant to say “Luckily you write better than you wit Juha” but the extra “h” added a certain je ne sais quois to the evening….


  3. For me, the worst part of astroturfing is when it’s so pathetically obvious. Do they really think we’re that stupid?

  4. I’m still not sure if it’s a genuine comment, but it’s super fishy. The sad thing is that it’s a great product. Simplest/best hands free carkit I’ve every used.

  5. Ahh but we do group discount for this fab product – plus will give you an on-site demo (in the Wellington region) – now that’s service!
    Computer & Telephone Services Ltd http://www.cts.co.nz
    Our team use the HFB-500 and love it…seems to have better volume than other car kits around and the solar aspect is great – no messy cords and looks smart too.

  6. Hi Ben, thanks for the review… based on yours and others I have purchased. Plus I got it on the ASB rewards website and it comes with a free plantronics headset worth around $60. = Bargaintastic!!

  7. Hi Ben, did you try to load your iPhone address book onto the car kit, and if yes, how did you do it? cheers, simone

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